Semiconductor Materials for Optoelectronics and LTMBE Materials

1st Edition

Proceedings: Symposium A: Semiconductor Materials for Optoelectronic Devices/OEICs/Photonics and Symposium B: Low Temperature Molecular Beam Epitaxial III–V Materials: Physics/Applications of 1993 E-MRS Spring Conference Strasbourg, France, May 4–7, 1993



These three day symposia were designed to provide a link between specialists from university or industry who work in different fields of semiconductor optoelectronics. Symposium A dealt with topics including: epitaxial growth of III-V, II-VI, IV-VI, Si-based structures; selective-area, localized and non-planar epitaxy, shadow-mask epitaxy; bulk and new optoelectronic materials; polymers for optoelectronics.

Symposium B dealt with III-V epitaxial layers grown by low temperature molecular beam epitaxy, a subject which has undergone rapid development in the last three years.

Table of Contents

Part I: Symposium A on Semiconductor Materials for Optoelectronic Devices, OEICs and Photonics. Preface. Epitaxy for optoelectronic applications. Quantum size structures. Optoelectronic devices. Strained and mismatched structures. Interdiffusion and ion implantation. New devices and integration of devices. Optoelectronics on silicon. Bulk III-V crystals and new optoelectronic materials. Author index. Subject index.

Part II: Symposium B on Low Temperature Molecular Beam Epitaxial III-V Materials: Physics and Applications. Invited papers: LTMBE GaAs: present status and perspectives (G.L. Witt). Point defects in III-V materials grown by molecular beam epitaxy at low temperature (P. Hautojärvi et al.). GaAs, AlGaAs and InGaAs epilayers containing As clusters: semimetal/semiconductor composites (M.R. Melloch et al.). Extended defects and precipitates in LT-GaAs, LT-InAlAs and LT-InP (A. Claverie, Z. Liliental-Weber). Optoelectronic applications of LTMBE III-V materials (J.F. Whitaker). Applications of GaAs grown at a low temperature by molecular beam epitaxy (U.K. Mishra)


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