There is a growing awareness that the successful implementation of novel material systems and technology steps in the fabrication of microelectronic and optoelectronic devices, is critically dependent on the understanding and control of the materials, the process steps and their interactions. The contributions in this volume demonstrate that characterisation and analysis techniques are an essential support mechanism for research in these fields. Current major research themes are reviewed both in the development and application of diagnostic techniques for advanced materials analysis and fabrication process control. Two distinct trends are elucidated: the emergence and evaluation of sophisticated in situ optical diagnostic techniques such as photoreflectance and spectroellipsometry and the industrial application of ultra-high sensitivity chemical analysis techniques for contamination monitoring. The volume will serve as a useful and timely overview of this increasingly important field.

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(Abbreviated)Spectroscopic Ellipsometry In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry in molecular beam epitaxy for photonic devices (G.N. Maracas et al.). The influence of nanocrystals on the dielectric function of porous silicon (H. Münder et al.). Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy Some examples of depth resolution in SIMS analysis (G. Pruden). Sputter induced resonant ionization spectroscopy for trace analysis in silicon (L. Johann et al.). Contamination Monitoring Contamination control and ultrasensitive chemical analysis (H. Ryssel et al.). Application of advanced contamination analysis for qualification of wafer handling systems and chucks (F. Kroninger et al.). Epioptic Characterization Techniques In situ optical spectroscopy of surfaces and interfaces with submonolayer resolution (J.F. McGilp). Surface-sensitive multiple internal reflection spectroscopy as a tool to study surface mechanisms in CVD: the example of UV photodeposition of silicon dioxide and silicon nitride (C. Licoppe, C. Debauche). Characterization of the Mechanical State of SI Material System On the assessment of local stress distributions in integrated circuits (J. Vannellemont et al.). Strain analysis of multilayered silicon-based contact structures (E. Zolotoyabko et al.). Joint Session on Single Chamber Processing In-process control of silicide formation during rapid thermal processing (J.-M. Dilhac et al.). In situ ellipsometry for real time feedback control of oxidation furnaces (C. Sennerder et al.). Photoreflectance of III-V Materials Optical characterization of the electrical properties of processed GaAs (O.J. Glembocki et al.). Temperature dependence of the photoreflectance of strained and lattice-matched InGaAs/InAlAs single quantum wells (Y. Baltagi et al.). Photoluminescence of Photonic Material Systems Optical tools for intermixing diagnostic: applicati


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