Self-assessment in Clinical Medicine

3rd Edition


  • Ragavendra Baliga
    • Print ISBN 9780702026669

    Key Features

    • over 1000 self-assessment questions with answers
    • 3 different types of questions: MCQs, 'best of 5' and short answer questions
    • all 3 types are similar to those used in medical schools throughout clinical years and afterwards for other exams
    • content of questions derived from Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine
    • answers derived from Kumar and Clark
    • questions grouped in chapters that reflect the contents list of Kumar and Clark
    • cover will be tied into new 5th edition of Kumar and Clark

    Table of Contents

    1. Ethics and Communications

    2. Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine and STDs

    3. Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetic Disorders

    4. Clinical Immunology

    5. Nutrition

    6. Gastrointestinal Disease

    7. Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreatic Disease

    8. Haematological Disease

    9. Medical Oncology

    10. Rheumatology and Bone Diseases

    11. Renal Disease

    12. Water, Electrolytes and Acid-based Balance

    13. Cardiovascular Disease

    14. Respiratory Disease

    15. Intensive Care Medicine

    16. Drug Therapy and Poisoning

    17. Environmental Medicine

    18. Endocrine Disease

    19. Diabetes Mellitus and Other Disorders of Metabolism

    20. Neurological Disease

    21. Psychological Medicine

    22. Skin Disease


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