Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry: Personal Recollections, I presents selected topics in the history of biochemistry based on the authors' personal recollections. These topics range from the isolation of Cori ester and the discovery of sugar nucleotides to the work of Frederick Gowland Hopkins (1861-1947). Ion-coupled membrane processes are also discussed, along with fructose and fructose-2,6-bisphosphateas well as lysosomes and glycogen. Comprised of 12 chapters, this volume begins with the discovery of Cori ester and the concept of phosphorolysis before turning to the discovery of sugar nucleotides and research on ion-coupled membrane processes. The reader is then introduced to studies of fructose, fructose-2,6-bisphosphate, lysosomes, and glycogen; the contributions of Frederick Gowland Hopkins in biochemistry; and a short autobiography of Juda Hirsch Quastel, with emphasis on his research work on the concept of active centers as a possible explanation of enzyme action and his investigation of the effects of malonic acid and substituted malonic acids on bacterial dehydrogenases. The remaining chapters focus on a biochemist's approach to autopharmacology; the early development of modern protein chemistry in Uppsala, Sweden; and the biographies of two Russian scientists, A. N. Bach and Sergei E. Severin. This monograph will be of interest to students, practitioners, and researchers in the field of biochemistry.

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Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry Personal Recollections. I.

General Preface

Preface to Volume 35

Contributors to this volume

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Chapter 1. The Isolation of Cori-Ester, "The Saint Louis Gateway" to a First Approach of a Dynamic Formulation of Macromolecular Biosynthesis

The Coris in Post-World War I Europe

The Coris in the U.S.A.

Research at Washington University, School of Medicine

The Discovery of Cori-Ester and the Concept of Phosphorolysis

Polysaccharide Synthesis in Vitro

Isolation of Crystalline Muscle Phosphorylase Catalyzing Amylose Synthesis

Phosphorylases α and β and their Role in Metabolic Regulation

Regulation of Phosphorylase in Resting and Contracting Muscle

1947 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine

The Effect of Hormones on Carbohydrate Metabolism in Vitro

Personal Data from Later Years



Chapter 2. The Discovery of Sugar Nucleotides

The Discovery of Sugar Nucleotides

1948-49 Glucose Diphosphate

1950 UDPG

1951 UDP-Galactose

1952 UDP-Acetylglucosamine

1953-55 UDP-Glucuronic Acid

1953 Biosynthesis of Disaccarides

Final Remarks


Chapter 3. The Road to Ion-Coupled Membrane Processes

Washington College



A Year with Fritz Lipmann

A Decade with Carl Cori


Metabolite Regulation of Glucolysis

A Regulatory Site for Glucose-6-Phosphate

Membrane Transport

Toward the Mechanism of Glucose Active Trans


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