Security Investigations is a comprehensive book that covers the full spectrum of investigative issues. It contains practical self-evaluation exercises that can be applied in both a formal or informal training environment. Corporate security supervisors will find it helpful in establishing policies and procedures for conducting investigations. It is a guide also for those responsible for the security function without prior experience. ie. Director of Human Resources. Forms in the book will assist an organization in standardizing the means to conduct investigations as well as reporting the outcome in a way that ensures that nothing was missed during the investigation. The real worth of an investigator is their ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances. This text gives the investigator a quick reference manual that can be used to: develop the investigation plan, take effective and accurate field notes, conduct an interview, perform surveillance and finally write the report, all within the legal guidelines outlined in the book. As an additional bonus to the reader, the book will include information on how to select and use the proper surveillance equipment.

Key Features

Gives the reader the opportunity to practice their skills in answering questions based on real-world type investigations. Offers self-evaluation exercises Covers the full spectrum of investigative issues


Security Professionals, Private Investigators/Students in private investigations

Table of Contents

The Successful Investigator; Report Writing ;The Interviewing Process; Sources of Information; Basic Surveillance Techniques; Basic Photography and Video Techniques; Specialized Investigations; Workplace Investigations; Legal Issues; Technological Advances; Appendix A: Learning Practical Answers; Appendix B: Related Forms


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This is a good primer that will guide prospective investigators to a mastery of their profession. -Security Managment