Table of Contents

  • Authors
  • Introduction
    • Your Enterprise at Risk
    • How to Read This Book
  • Part 1: The Challenge
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: The Tale of the Targeted Trojan
      • Introduction
      • The Haephrati Case
    • Chapter 2: When Insiders and/or Competitors Target a Business’s Intellectual Property
      • Introduction
      • Lightwave Microsystems
      • America Online
      • Casiano Communications
      • Corning and PicVue
      • Avery Dennison and Four Pillars
      • Lexar Media and Toshiba
      • SigmaTel and Citroen
      • 3dGEO – China
    • Chapter 3: When State Entities Target a Business’s Intellectual Property
      • Introduction
      • Airbus and Saudi Arabian Airlines
      • Russian Intelligence and Japanese Trade Secrets
      • Japan and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation
      • China and Russia: TsNIIMASH-Export
      • Overt Nation State Attempts: India, Venezuela, Brazil, and Others
      • Current and Future Threats to Economic Security
    • Chapter 4: When Piracy, Counterfeiting, and Organized Crime Target a Business’s Intellectual Property
      • Introduction
      • Technology Counterfeiting
      • The Apparel Industry
      • The Entertainment Industry
    • Chapter 5: Virtual Roundtable on Intellectual Property and Economic Espionage
      • Introduction
      • The Legal Perspective: Naomi Fine
      • The OpSec Perspective: Keith Rhodes
      • The Professional Investigator’s Perspective: Ed Stroz
      • The DoD Cyber Sleuth’s Perspective: James Christy
      • The Security and Privacy Consultant’s Perspective: Rebecca Herold
  • Part 2: The Strategy
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 6: Elements of a Holistic Program
      • Introduction
      • False Memes Lead People the Wrong Way
      • From the


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About the authors

Richard Power

Richard Power is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of Security, Intelligence and Risk. An independent consultant, he provides guidance in the areas of personnel security, cyber security, crisis management, terrorism, cyber crime and economic espionage to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies globally. Previously, he served as the Director of Security Management and Security Intelligence for the Global Security Office of Deloitte Touch Tomatsu from 2002-2005. Prior to that, he was Editorial Director of the Computer Security Institute. He authors a monthly column on information security issues for Computer Fraud and Security Journal, as well as a monthly column on for the Research and Technology Protection section of the FBI’s Infragard program. He is the author of Tangled Web: Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace (Macmillan/QUE 2000).