Secrets Heart & Lung Sounds Audio Workshop - 2nd Edition

Secrets Heart & Lung Sounds Audio Workshop

2nd Edition

Companion to Physical Diagnosis Secrets (with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access)

Authors: Salvatore Mangione
Imprint: Mosby


Secrets Heart & Lung Sounds Audio Workshop, 2nd Edition, by Salvatore Mangione, MD, is the perfect virtual teacher for mastering your skills in heart and lung auscultation. This high-quality audio—re-recorded in the 2nd Edition for enhanced audio reproduction—presents a full spectrum of both normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds, recorded from actual patients and interspersed into a lively and informative lecture format. Dr Mangione uses his extensive experience, skill, and entertaining style to lead you through the full spectrum of normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds that you need to know. He walks you through approximately 25 patient cases, asks you questions about the sounds you are hearing, explains the answers, and presents quidelines and helpful tips on interpretation and analysis. The revised edition includes an expanded heart section and improved audio quality.

Lectures and audio recordings at are also supported by an accompanying online lecture transcript that lets you follow along and view helpful illustrations. Listen and learn, or fine tune, one of your most important clinical skills!

Secrets Heart & Lung Sounds Audio Workshop, 2nd Edition is a perfect companion to Dr. Mangione's Physical Diagnosis Secrets, 2nd Edition (978-0-323-03467-8).

Key Features

  • Access Student Consult at where you'll find the complete text of the lecture.
  • Presents actual samples of heart and lung sounds from real patients for step-by-step guidance on how to interpret, differentiate, and identify both normal and abnormal presentations.
  • Features an engaging lecture format—similar to that found in the Secrets Q&A—that aids retention and recall of information.
  • Uses a sequential and algorithmic approach to teach chest auscultation in a practical manner.
  • Includes an online lecture, enabling you to follow along and view important figures that support the audio presentation.
  • Offers the perfect supplement to Physical Diagnosis Secrets 2nd Edition by presenting an audio accompaniment that delivers a complete education for mastering this challenging clinical skill.


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About the Authors

Salvatore Mangione Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Center for Research in Medical Education and Health Care; Director, Physical Diagnosis Curriculum, Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA