Search Marketing Strategies

1st Edition

A Marketer's Guide to Objective Driven Success from Search Engines

Authors: James Colborn
Paperback ISBN: 9780750666183
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 7th October 2005
Page Count: 208


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction to search marketing (not search optimization!) Learning Outcomes:Introduce the concept of using search engines to achieve a particular objective or aim of an overall marketing, sales or corporate plan. Illustrate how this book isn’t about search engine optimization, a topic that is somewhat exhausted, but is all about using search as tactics in a strategy. Outline how the book will work apply to the search marketer Topics:What is search marketing.The evolution of the search engine space. What are the typical goals search can achieve (and what it can’t!). What is the difference between search engine marketing and optimization

Chapter 2 – Your search ‘tool kit’ Learning Outcomes:Introduce the components of the search engine ‘tool kit’ Topics:List each of the different types of search, paid placement, paid inclusion and organic search and list the major players, landscape and importance of each. Tracking variables will be covered explaining their importance in making a search strategy work. Cookie based and log file based tracking techniques will be listed indicating their appropriate uses. Copywriting skills will be covered explaining the way to getting visitors to click on a listing that appears in a collection of others. Looking at ‘other’ search mechanisms such as contextual advertising, local search and specific engines (such as and B2B market)

Chapter 3 – Search Engine Techniques Learning Outcomes:Understand how to optimize content and get it submitted using the different forms of search engine listed in the ‘tools’ section Topics:Describe different techniques needed for all three ‘disciplines’ of search, listing the processes and procedures necessary for success. Looking at how techniques may vary from country to country and what needs to be done to get listed beyond the US and UK <


Search Marketing Strategies focuses on how to make the most from the search engine industry. Concentrating on the strategic element rather than the procedural approach, the author demonstrates how to adapt the tactical techniques, such as paid search, site side optimization and analytics packages, into search strategies in order to achieve marketing or corporate objectives such as branding, sales and customer acquisition.

Key Features

  • Focuses on search marketing strategy rather than search optimization
  • Acts as a toolkit for adapting tactical techniques into search strategies
  • Written for marketers, therefore the consideration of the topic of search is wholly relevant for the marketing function


Primary: Marketing professionals - those who have started their experiences with search engines or are looking for the hook as to why they should start. E-Marketing professionals looking to expand their knowledge (agency, SEM professionals (not SEO professionals) and eCommerce Managers).

Secondary: Final year marketing undergraduates specializing in E-Marketing in their dissertations or final projects. Postgraduate marketing students taking an E-Marketing course or incorporating these strategies into a full interactive marketing plan. Professionals taking CIM or IDM courses (such as the E-Marketing Award).


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If you're looking at implementing a ppc or seo or paid inclusion search engine marketing program then you'll be wise to have this book in your arsenal. It's full of good information about the elements that really matter to your campaign and breaks it down based on the desired outcome. So whether your looking to implement a branding campaign, generate leads, sell product or just drive traffic, the tactics are there as well as a description of which engines to use for each type of campaign by industry. Anyway, it's a good book so I say if you're in that market then you should definitely buy it. Even if you think you're too smart to learn anything new about seo or ppc, trust me, nobody's that smart.

About the Authors

James Colborn Author

James Colborn, BA, DipM, has worked in the search engine marketing space for over 5 years and has practiced in North America and Europe. James has worked with companies such as British Airways, Thomas Cook, Comet, B&Q, Cable & Wireless, Best Buy, Thomas Register and eBay.

Affiliations and Expertise

Search Marketing Strategist (client list includes Bestbuy, Country Home, Pitney Bowes, Verizon Wireless, BlueCross BlueSheild Association)