Admiral Gorshkov has transformed the Soviet fleet into a world sea power for the first time in Russian history. He is Russia's most brilliant naval strategist of all time. He has created the modern Soviet navy. His book examines the main components of sea power among which attention is focused on the naval fleet of the present day, capable of conducting operations and solving strategic tasks in different regions of the world's oceans, together with other branches of the armed forces and independently

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(partial) The oceans and the sea power of the state. Different views of the sea power of the state. The ocean and its significance. Merchant and fishing fleets - constituent parts of the sea power of the State. International problems of the law of the ocean. Pages in the history of the navies. The fleets in the First World War. The fleets in the Second World War. The creation of the Soviet fleet. The Soviet fleet in the Second World War. The development of navies after the Second World War. The military doctrines of the USA and NATO. The development of the fleets of the imperialist states. The development of the Soviet fleet. The improvement of the forces and resources of the fleets. Fleet against fleet and fleet against shore. Some theoretical problems of naval art. The fleets in the local wars of imperialism. The fleets in peace-time.


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