It has become a tradition that every four years, the Université Catholique de Louvain and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven jointly organize a symposium devoted to the scientific bases for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts. These meetings bring together researchers from academia and industry and offer a forum for discussions on the chemistry involved in the preparation of industrial heterogeneous catalysts.

This volume containing the Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts consists of papers summarizing most of the 139 oral communications and posters selected by the international scientific committee, composed of 27 experts in the field of catalyst preparation, holding an industrial or academia appointment.

The contributions focus on the aspects of catalyst preparation. The main topics are: new approaches in catalyst preparation; advanced preparations of nanoporous and mesoporous catalysts; catalysts preparation for special performances and purposes; catalysts for environmental purposes; and molecular catalysis. Emphasis is put on the role that catalysis can play as an essential element of sustainable development.


For all those interested in the latest advances in the field of catalyst preparation.

Table of Contents

Selected papers.

Aspects of scale up of catalyst production (K. Johansen).

Preparation of nickel-modified ceramic filters by the urea precipitation method for tar removal from biomass gasification gas (D.J. Draelants et al.).

Investigation on acidity of zeolites bound with silica and alumina (X. Wu et al.).

Hydrocracking catalyst to produce high quality diesel fraction (R. Galiasso Tailleur).

Preparation of new solid super-acid catalyst, titanium sulfate supported on zirconia and its acid catalytic properties (J.R. Sohn et al.).

Unsupported and supported manganese oxides used in the catalytic combustion of methyl-ethyl-ketone (L.M. Gandia et al.).

Single step synthesis of metal catalysts supported on porous carbon with controlled texture (N. Job et al.).

Raman studies of the templated synthesis of zeolites (P.P. Knops-Gerrits, M. Cuypers).

Control of pore structures of titanias and titania/aluminas using complexing agents (M. Toba et al.).

A new insight into molybdate/boehmite interaction (D. Minoux et al.).

Catalytic activity of bulk and supported sulfated zirconia (I.J. Dijs et al.).

Preparation of new basic mesoporous silica catalysts by ammonia grafting (H. Yoshida et al.).

The effect of cerium introduction on vanadium-USY catalysts (C. Ramos Moreira et al.).

Influence of preparation procedure on physical and catalytic properties of carbon-supported Pd-Au catalysts (P. Canton et al.).

Oxidized diamond as a new catalyst support (T. Suzuki et al.).



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