Advances in Biosciences 2 documents the proceedings of the Schering Symposium on Biodynamics and Mechanism of Action of Steroid Hormones held in Berlin, on 14-16 March 1968. The volume begins by presenting the opening address on the symposium's main themes followed by a lecture on the factors influencing the nature and significance of research in the biological sciences. The papers presented cover topics such as methods for automatic and semi-automatic assay of steroids; the combination of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry for the investigation of complex mixtures; factors controlling steroid hormone metabolism; and the metabolism of free and conjugated estrogens. Other studies deal with the molecular basis of estrogen-binding in target cells; early biochemical events in the mouse testis associated with ultimate induction of interstitial cell tumors by estrogens; biochemical features of androgens; and effects of corticosteroid administration on rats. This book also presents panel discussions on the clinical aspects, biodynamics, and action of steroid hormones.

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Opening of the Symposium Introduction of the Winners of the "Schoeller-Junkmann-Preis 1968" The Science of Science Automation in Steroid-Analytical Procedures Combination of Chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric Methods in the Search for Metabolic Compounds Factors Regulating the Metabolism of Steroids in the Liver Steroid Metabolism and Inter-conversions Testosterone in Plasma Some Newer Aspects of Estrogen Metabolism Interaction between Steroid Conjugates and Proteins The Molecular Basis of Estrogen-Binding in Target Cells Some Effects of Estrogens on Mouse Interstitial Cells during Tumor Induction I. Biochemical Studies II. Histochemical and Radioautographic Studies Biochemical Features of Androgen Action In Vitro Action of Cortisol in the Nucleus of the Liver Cell Binding of Estradiol and other Estrogens to Castrated Rat and Prepuberal Sow Endometrium Proteins Steroid Antagonists: Their Mechanism of Action Panel Discussion: Clinical Aspects, Bio-dynamics and Action of Steroid Hormones Estrogens Progestogens Androgens Corticoids Closing Address Lecturers Participants Presidents and Secretaries of National Societies of Endocrinology, 1968


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