Key Features

  • new approach: clinical cases offering examination, treatment options, clinical tips relevant for the general small animal veterinary practitioner – all case descriptions based on common template
  • offers synoptic, easy accessible and essential information
  • provides essential information on selected topics
  • authorship ensures accuracy of information
  • relevant to all general practitioners
  • written to increase the skill and practice the general veterinary practitioner
  • intend to meet CPD-need, but focus on: differential diagnosis and practical case handling
  • offers self-assessment features at the end of every chapter making it relevant for veterinary students as well
  • broad readership: practitioners and students indicated in the text by ‘ Notes for Vets’; nurses indicated in the text by ‘Notes for Nurses’ and pet owners indicated in the text by ‘ Notes for Pet Owners’
  • handy format with flexi cover
  • species covered to be limited to cats, dogs and rabbits
  • full colour throughout

Table of Contents

1. The Neurological Case
1.Taking a history
2.The neurological examination
3.Localizing lesions

2. Alteration in Mental State
4. Alteration in mental state - an introduction
5. Head trauma
6. Metabolic encephalopathy:insulinoma
7. Metabolic encephalopathy: hepatic encephalopathy
8. Metabolic encephalopathy: osmolality
9. Granulomatous meningoencephalitis

3. Behaviour Change
10. Behaviour change - an introduction
11. Loss of house-training
12. Defecation: faecal incontinence
13. Psychological
14. Intracranial arachnoid cyst
15. Aggression

4. Seizures
16. Seizures - an introduction
17. Skull tumor
18. Meningioma
19. Cerebral haemorrhage
20. Hydrocephalus
21. Idiopathic epilepsy
22. Post-ictal behaviour change

5. Cranial Nerve Function
23. Blindness
24. The control of pupil diameter
25. Alteration in pupil function
26. Secretions
27. Alteration of eyelid position and movement
28. Horner's syndrome
29. Idiopathic facial paralysis
30. Dropped jaw
31. Middle ear disease
32. Otogenic intracranial infection
33. Deafness
34. Sneezing
35. Coughing
36. Change in voice and swallowing

6. Gait
37. Gait - an introduction
38. UMN: spinal empyema
39. UMN: spinal cord infarction
40. UMN: vertebral malformation
41. UMN: invertebral disc disease
42. UMN: spinal fracture
43. LMN paresis and paralysis - an introduction
44. LMN paresis and paralysis: acquired myasthenia gravis
45. LMN paresis and paralysis: brachial plexus avulsion
46. LMN paresis and paralysis: flaccid tail
47. Ataxia: spinal ataxia
48. Ataxia: cerebellar ataxia
49. Ataxia: vestibular ataxia

7. Lameness
50. Lameness - an introduction
51. Lameness: nerve root compression
52. Lameness: nerve root tumors


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