Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Gastroenterology

1st Edition


  • Marjorie Chandler
    • Print ISBN 9780702029103

    Table of Contents

    Author’s note

    1. Dysphagia and disorders of swallowing

    1. Swallowing and regurgitation
    2. Idiopathic megaoesophagus in a dog
    3. Myasthenia gravis in a dog
    4. Oesophageal stricture in a cat
    5. Phenobarbitone responsive regurgitation in a dog
    6. Oesophageal foreign body in a dog
    7. Persistent right aortic arch in a dog
    8. Feline dysautonomia

    2. Vomiting

    9. Gastrointestinal physiology – the normal stomach and small intestine
    10. Pathophysiology of vomiting
    11. A foreign body in the small intestine of a dog
    12. Chronic partial gastric dilatation in a dog
    13. Pancreatitis and alimentary lymphoma in a dog
    14. Hypoadrenocorticism in a dog
    15. Inflammatory bowel disease/alimentary lymphoma in a cat
    16. Ingestion of glue by a dog
    17. Lead ingestion in a puppy
    18. Gastric adenocarcinoma in a dog
    19. Pancreatitis in a cat
    20. Linear foreign body in a cat
    21. Portosystemic shunt in a dog
    22. Hepatic lipidosis in a cat

    3 Diarrhoea

    23. Intestinal disorders: diarrhoea
    24. Small intestinal diarrhoea
    25. Protein losing enteropathy in a dog
    26. Inflammatory bowel disease and adverse reaction to food in a dog
    27. Intussusception in a cat
    28. Feline exocrine pancreatic insufficiency , case study by Nicki Reed
    29. Parvovirus infection in a dog

    4. Haemtochezia and Melaena

    30 Introduction to melaena and haematochezia
    31. Haemorrhagic gastroenteritis in a dog
    32. Colonic vascular ectasia in a dog
    33. Intestinal leiomyosarcoma in a dog, case study by Caroline Urraca del Junco
    34. Corticosteroid induced gastrointestinal ulceration in a dog

    5. The colon and colonic disorders

    35. Introduction to the colon and colonic disorders
    36. Feline constipation and megacolon, case stu


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