Saunders Solutions for Vets: Online courses in business and professional skills

1st Edition

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  • Caroline Jevring-Back
  • Mark Moran
    • Print ISBN 9780702044960

    Table of Contents

    How to Achieve Effective Compliance  - a structured online course of approx. 6 hours’ duration on this central and challenging subject.

    How to Motivate the Practice Team – this 1-hour e-learning module will show you via selected case studies how to engage and retain the commitment of your colleagues when you implement any new plan or change in your practice.

    How to Create Responsive Clients - this case-based 1-hour e-learning module focuses on working successfully with your clients.

    How to Promote your Healthcare Programme - this 1-hour e-learning module gives you a clear grasp of successful marketing strategies.

    How to Present your Financial Case for Change - this 1-hour e-learning module makes the practical application of the principles of basic finance interesting and relevant.

    How to Measure and Improve Performance - this 1-hour e-learning module will help you understand how to select and use measures to drive healthcare initiatives effectively.


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