Saunders Nursing Survival Guide: Pharmacology

2nd Edition


  • Linda McCuistion
  • Kathleen Gutierrez
    • Print ISBN 9781416029359

    Key Features

    • Take Home Points highlight the most important points to study or use in the clinical atmosphere.
    • Caution Notes alert readers to urgent information about dangerous conditions and how to avoid them.
    • Lifespan Notes point out age-related variations in signs and symptoms, nursing interventions, and patient teaching.
    • Culture Notes highlight possible variations related to a patient's cultural background.
    • WebLinks direct readers to the Internet for additional resources.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Drug Concepts

    Section A: Pharmacokinetics

    Section B: Pharmacodynamics

    Section C: Developmental Considerations

    Chapter 2: Drugs Used to Treat Infections

    Section A: Antibiotics

    Section B: Antivirals

    Section C: Antifungals

    Chapter 3: Drugs Used to Alter Immune Function

    Section A: Biologic Response Modifiers

    Section B: Antineoplastic Agents

    Chapter 4: Drugs Used to Treat Nervous System Disorders

    Section A: Sympathetic Nervous System Drugs

    Section B: Parasympathetic Nervous System Drugs

    Section C: Central Nervous System Drugs

    Section D: Anticonvulsants

    Section E: Anesthetics

    Chapter 5: Drugs Used to Treat Neuropsychiatric Disorders

    Section A: Anxiolytics/Sedative-Hypnotics

    Section B: Antidepressants

    Section C: Antipsychotics

    Section D: Mood Stabilizers

    Chapter 6: Drugs Used to Treat Hematologic System Disorders

    Section A: Antiplatelets

    Section B: Anticoagulants

    Section C: Thrombolytics

    Section D: Antianemics

    Chapter 7: Drugs Used to Treat Cardiovascular Disorders

    Section A: Antihypertensives

    Section B: Drugs Affecting Cardiac Output

    Section C: Antilipidemics

    Section D: Antidysrhymics

    Chapter 8: Drugs Used to Treat Respiratory System Disorders

    Section A: Antitussives, Decongestants, Expectorants, and Mucolytics

    Section B: Antihistamines

    Section C: Antiasthmatics and Bronchodilators

    Chapter 9: Drugs Used to Treat Endocrine System Disorders

    Section A: Pituitary and Adrenal Hormones

    Section B: Thyroid and Parathyroid Drugs

    Section C: Antidiabetics

    Chapter 10: Drugs Used to Treat Gastrointestinal System Disorders



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