Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook - 2008 CD-ROM PDA Software Powered by Skyscape

1st Edition


  • Robert Kizior
  • Barbara Hodgson
    • Print ISBN 9781416051947

    Key Features

    • Presents over 1,000 generic name drugs, encompassing over 4,000 trade name drugs.
    • Thoroughly updated to include the latest drug information.
    • Includes full drug entries for 25 newly approved drugs by the FDA to provide the user with the most current drug information.
    • High-Alert Drugs icon to caution nurses to use extra care in administering drugs most likely to cause adverse side effects.
    • New interactions, precautions, alerts, patient teaching instructions, and other need-to-know information included throughout as needed to ensure safe drug administration.
    • Includes FDA recommended "Tall Man" spellings to help reduce drug administration errors.
    • New appendix on P450 inducers and inhibitors provides even more drug information.
    • Includes a Drugs by Disorder feature that lists the most commonly used drugs for specific disorders.
    • UNIQUE! Identifies the 170 most-prescribed drugs to help you identify those most frequently administered.
    • Extensive IV compatibilities and incompatibilities content now includes lipid information in addition to expanded rates of infusion, reconstitutions, drip rates, test doses, and flushing.
    • Powered by Skyscape, the software offers complete, comprehensive cross-linking between all Skyscape products, a full text search function, intuitive navigation, built-in display adjustment tools, and is compatible with the Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC as well as numerous other operating systems.


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