Table of Contents

Section 1: Quick Review/Orientation
  • Math Review
  • Basic Math Operations, How To
  • Common Math Terms
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Metric System
  • Taking Notes & Studying
  • Note Taking
  • Abbreviations
  • Goalsheet for Literature Searching
  • Charting
  • Documentation Guidelines
  • Quick Chart Review
  • Goals
  • Goal Setting Review
  • Goal Forms
Section 2: Quick Reference
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Commonly Used Hospital Abbreviations
  • Acronymn for Health Care Organizations & Agencies
  • Health Care Providers Professional Designations
  • Anatomy Reference
  • Table of Bones, Dental Chart, Anatomic Positions of the Body, Anatomic Regions of the Body
  • Quadrants of the Abdomen, The Aorta and its Branches, Human Skeleton with Major Bones
  • Lab Test Reference Values
  • Reference Values in Hematology, Reference Values for Clinical Chemistry (Blood, Serum & Plasma)
  • Reference Values for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Reference Values for Clinical Chemistry (Urine)
  • Common Causes of Variation in the Appearance of Urine, SI Units, Prefixes for SI Units
  • Medical Language
  • Quick Reference Word Part List, Glossary of Word Parts, Spelling Rules and Plurals
  • Commonly misspelled words, Commonly misused words
  • Patient Care Reference
  • CPR Review, Injection Sites, Needle Insertion for types of injections
  • Types of Body Movements, TNM Staging System
  • Burn Depth Categories, Blood Pressure, Apgar Scoring Chart, EKG chart
  • Symbols & Time
  • Symbols Commonly Used in Clinical Practice, 24-Hour Clock
  • Tables of Weights & Measures
  • Table of Temperature Equivalents, Conversion Tables, Measures of Mass
  • Meaures of Capacity-Apothecaries' (Wine) Measure, Measure of Capacity-Metric Measure
  • Measure of Length--Metric Measure, Metric System


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