Saunders Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants

1st Edition

Disk Two: Measuring Vital Signs


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    Key Features

    • The videos can be played on a television equipped with a DVD player, or on a computer with a DVD drive.
    • Specific segments or entire videos can be paused or replayed as many times as needed for comprehension.
    • Each video begins with an Overview that introduces the skill, its goal, and how it is used in the clinical setting.
    • The videos outline key components for performing each skill, such as necessary equipment, OSHA standard precautions, and special patient population considerations.
    • Skill Variations show alternate methods for performing common skills techniques in the clinical setting.
    • Each video discusses the necessary and appropriate documentation procedure for the skill.
    • What If interviews feature medical assistants discussing specific practice scenarios, encouraging users to consider what they would do in a similar situation.
    • Interactive onscreen review questions at the end of each video reinforce key concepts and allow users to gauge understanding.
    • Spanish subtitles provide access to written translations of all video content.

    Table of Contents

    10 skills/15 videos Approx. running time: 75 minutes

    Section 1: Preparing to Work with Patients
    2.1.1 Preparing to Work with Patients
    Variation: Working with a Young Child

    Section 2: Temperature Measuring Oral Body Temperature
    Variation: Rigid Plastic Probe
    Variation: Mercury Free Glass Thermometer
    2.2.2 Measuring Axillary Body Temperature
    2.2.3 Measuring Rectal Body Temperature
    2.2.4 Measuring Aural Body Temperature
    Procedure: Child Patient
    Variation: Adult Patient

    Section 3: Pulse and Respirations
    2.3.1 Measuring Pulse and Respiration
    2.3.2 Measuring Apical Pulse
    Procedure: Infant Patient
    Variation: Adult Patient
    2.3.3 Pulse Oximetry

    Section 4: Blood Pressure
    2.4.1 Measuring Blood Pressure: Palpation
    2.4.2 Measuring Blood Pressure: Auscultation
    Variation: With a Child Patient


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