This title is the first comprehensive book on sampling and modern sample preparation techniques and has several main objectives: to facilitate recognition of sample preparation as both an integral part of the analytical process; to present a fundamental basis and unified theoretical approach for the professional development of sample preparation; to emphasize new developments in sample preparation technology; and to highlight the future impact of sample preparation on new directions in analytical science, particularly automation, miniaturization and field implementation. Until recently, there has been relatively little scientific interest in sampling and sample preparation, however this situation is presently changing as sampling and sample preparation become integral parts of the analytical process with their own unique challenges and research opportunities. Sampling and Sample Preparation for Field and Laboratory is an essential resource for all analytical chemists, and in particular those involved in method development. Not only does it cover the fundamental aspects of extraction, it also covers applications in various matrices and includes sampling strategies and equipment and how these can be integrated into the analytical process for maximum efficiency.


For all those involved in chemical analysis, as well as for graduate and professional courses.

Table of Contents

Sampling. Sampling and sample preparation for indoor air analysis (J. Koziel). Sampling water and aqueous solutions (W. Wardenski, J. Namiesnik). Sampling selected solid material (B. Zygmunt, J. Namiesnik). Analytes losses during storage (B. Zielinska, W. Goliff). Sample Matrices. Automated diffusion based collection and measurement of atmospheric trace gases (P.K. Dasgupta). Automated measurement of atmospheric particle composition (P.K. Dasgupta). Physicochemical properties of aqueous and solid environmental matrices (A. Pashke). Characterisation of analyte binding and freely dissolved concentrations in environmental and biological materials (J. Hermens). Extraction tech. fundamentals. Unified theory of extraction (J. Pawliszyn). Headspace gas chromatography (Z. Penton). Liquid-liquid extraction techniques (F. Cantwell). Principles and practice of solid phase extraction (C.F. Poole, S.K. Poole). Solid phase microextraction (J. Pawliszyn). Membrane extraction (J. Pawliszyn). Liquid membrane techniques (J.A. Jönsson). Membrane inlet mass spectrometry (T. Kotiaho, F.R. Lauritsen). Extraction techniques for solid samples (J.R. Dean). Hot(subcritical)water extraction (S. Hawthorne). Recent developments in the chemistry and application of analytical derivatizations (J. Rosenfeld). Applications. Sampling and sample preparation for pheromone analysis (J. Millar). Sampling and sample preparation for fragrance analysis (F. Augusto, C. Alcaraz Zini). Sample preparation for aqueous matrices (K. Levsen). Sampling and sample preparation for clinical


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