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Table of Contents

Section 1: Basic Science

1. Epidemiology and Clinical Analysis

2. Embryology

3. Vessel Wall Biology

4. Cells of the Vascular System

5. Atherosclerosis

6. Intimal Hyperplasia

7. Ischemia-Reperfusion

8. Arteriogenesis and Angiogenesis

9. Arterial Aneurysms

Section 2: Pathophysiology

10. Arterial Physiology

11. Venous Physiology

12. Venous Pathology

13. Lymphatic Pathophysiology

Section 3: Clinical and Vascular Laboratory Evaluation

14. Patient Clinical Evaluation

15. Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Physiologic Assessment

16. Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Duplex Scanning

17. Vascular Laboratory: Venous Physiologic Assessment

18. Vascular Laboratory: Venous Duplex Scanning

Section 4: Vascular Imaging

19. Arteriography

20. Venography

21. Radiation Safety

22. Computed Tomography

23. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

24. Intravascular Ultrasound

25. Vascular PET CT and Spect CT

Section 5: Atherosclerotic Risk Factors

26. Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: General Considerations

27. Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Smoking

28. Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Diabetes

29. Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Hyperlipidemia

30. Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Hypertension

Section 6: Perioperative Care

31. Preoperative Management

32. Intraoperative Management

33. Postoperative Management

Section 7: Bleeding and Clotting

34. Normal Coagulation

35. Antithrombotic Agents

36. Thrombolytic Agents

37. Coagulopathy and Hemorrhage

38. Hypercoagulable States

Section 8: Complications

39. Systemic Complications: Cardiac

40. Systemic Comp


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Jack Cronenwett

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Professor of Surgery, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, New Hampshire

K. Wayne Johnston

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R. Fraser Elliott Chair in Vascular Surgery, Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto; Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada