Rock Coatings, Volume 6

1st Edition

Authors: R.I. Dorn
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444829191
eBook ISBN: 9780080540641
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 30th March 1998


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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements. Section 1. General Perspectives. Chapter 1. Introduction. Focus and organization of book. Awareness of rock coatings. Nomenclature. Historical perspective on major research threads. Chapter 2. Paradigms and Methods in Rock Coating Research. Alternative perspectives. Adopting the paradigm of landscape geochemistry. Adjudicating competing hypotheses. Introduction to landscape geochemistry. The development of landscape geochemistry in Soviet geography. Landscape geochemistry outside of Russia/Soviet Union. Fundaments of landscape geochemistry. Rock coatings as a part of the geochemical landscape. Methods used in original data gathering. Field collection. Preparation of polished cross-sections and ultrathin sections. Secondary electron microscopy. Backscattered electron microscopy. X-ray spectrometry. X-ray images. Energy dispersive spectrometry. Wavelength dispersive spectrometry. Detection of organic matter. Admission of bias. Section 2. Different Rock Coatings. Chapter 3. Anthropogenic Pigments. Introduction. Prehistoric rock pigments. Historic rock painting. Coatings to change appearances. Coatings to preserve stone. Coatings to preserve landscape aesthetics. Chapter 4. Lithobiontic Coatings. Introduction. Different types of lithobiontic coatings. Bacteria. Cyanobacteria. Fungi. Algae. Lichens. Higher plants. Controls on distributions. Impact of lithobiontic coatings. On organic remains. On rock weathering. On other rock coatings. Chapter 5. Carbonate Crusts. Introduction. Freshwater deposits. Marine littoral. Pedogenic. Subaerial rock faces. Carbonate crusts and greenhouse warming. Chapter 6. Case Hardening Agents. Introduction. Characteristics. Environmental settings. Subaerial desert exposures. Subsurface origins. Associated with carved rock. Tropics. Temperate environments. Arctic and Alpine environ


Many rock coatings have been misunderstood by geographers and geologists alike for over a century, this is the first book that explains the variety of rock coatings found at the earth surface. For the achaeologist, it explains the variety of patination types found at the earth surface and the book also provides the first marriage of the stone conservation, archaeological, and earth science literature.

In the last two hundred years there have been over 2000 papers written on fourteen general types of rock coatings by scholars from over a dozen disciplines including analytical chemistry, archaeology, botany, conservation of stone monuments, climatology, engineering, hydrology, geochemistry, geomorphology, landscape architecture, microbiology, mineralogy, pedology, oceanography, remote sensing, tectonics, and weathering. Yet, Rock Coatings provides the first synthesis of this interdisciplinary field.

Rock Coatings is subdivided into three sections: firstly the introductory, the second section details the different types of rock coatings and the final section synthesizes the material and presents a general model to interpret the distribution of rock coatings found at the earth's surface.


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@from:A.S. Goudie @qu:...It is unlikely that over the next decade or so anyone could contemplate undertaking research on rock coating without referring to this work, for it provides an unbeatable entrée to the literature, to the debates and controversies, and to a wide range of esoteric phenomena... @source:Geoderma 88

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