Rise of the Knowledge Worker

1st Edition

Authors: James Cortada
Paperback ISBN: 9780750670586
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 17th June 1998
Page Count: 264


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A generation of magnificent scholars, from Peter Drucker to Jack Welch, have taught us that understanding business issues and the profound changes the world's economy is undergoing makes sense if set in historical context. Today the best managers in the world demand to know how things came to be as they are. This collection of essays is designed to give the reader an historical perspective on the fastest growing sector of the work force: knowledge workers. The articles tell you how knowledge workers evolved from manufacturing and agricultural jobs and then go on to give you some insight as to what the future roles of knowledge workers will be.

The readings in this volume come from a variety of sources not normally looked at by managers and business executives. There are reports from historians, sociologists, academics, and economic experts. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction on the material, its significance, and something about the context in which it was written, including brief biographical comments on the author. The Rise of the Knowledge Worker is intended for business people, managers, leaders, government employees, and students.

Key Features

How the role of the knowledge worker has evolved US and European perspectives


Knowledge managers, leaders, human resources, professional business trade

Table of Contents

A New Profession is Born: The Knowledge Worker Recognition of the New Professions Social and Personal Consequences


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About the Author

James Cortada

Affiliations and Expertise

James Cortada, Ph.D., has written over a dozen books on the theme of information management and serves on the editorial boards of TQM Review and IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. He has been with IBM for over 23 years in various capacities and is currently with the IBM Consulting Group.


James Cortada has amassed a collection of articles on this topic by historians, sociologists and economists. . . -Beyond Computing