This book introduces readers to mpls concepts, installation, migration, operation, inspection, and troubleshooting. It discusses specific router and switch platforms and includes such topics as frame-mode mpls, cell-mode mpls, label distribution protocol, tag distribution protocol, label distribution protocol migration, mpls configuration, traffic engineering, mpls vpns, mpls vpn deployment models, mpls vpn routing protocol support, multi-protocol bgp, mpls vpn configurations, mpls vpn integration, and mpls vpn management.

Key Features

Readers will find complete ready-to-use configurations for routers Shows how to implement MPLS traffic engineering on a core network and optimize traffic Great for users studying for Cisco's Implementing Cisco MPLS exam, 640-910 and written by a Cisco internetworking expert who knows everything about MPLS. Includes coverage of Cisco Systems' newly released (October 7, 2002) Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Bandwidth Protection software package. The new architecture uses MPLS Traffic Engineering Fast Reroute and an offline application called Tunnel Builder Pro to increase resiliency at a network-wide level. Includes updated coverage of MPLS and GMPLS


Network engineers running high-bandwidth networks ISPs needing to manage different kinds of data based on different plans and priorities. In addition, readers studying for the Cisco MPLS exam will find this a valuable reference.

Table of Contents

Foreword Chapter 1 The Fundamentals of MPLS Networks and Data Flow Introduction What Is MPLS? MPLS Network Construction Exercise 1.1: LER and Granularity Exercise 1.1 Summary Data Flow in MPLS Networks Practical Applications Label Numbers MPLS Commands Exercise 1.2: MPLS Data Flow Exercise 1.3: Single Stacked Label Decode Hands-On: Compare and Contrast IP/Ethernet and IP/MPLS/Ethernet Exercise 1.3 Summary Exercise 1.4: Stacked Decode Hands-On: Open the File and Review File Content Chapter Summary and Review Going Further Chapter 2 MPLS Label Distribution Introduction The Early Days of Switching MPLS Label Distribution Control of Label Distribution Label Distribution Triggering Protocols Practical Applications: Label Distribution Configuration Steps Enabling the Label Distribution Protocol Configuring New Interfaces with Show Commands Create and Enable the Interface Create and Enable MPLS on New Interface Create and Enable LDP LDP Session Information Other Show Commands LDP Neighbor Information LDP Statistical Information LDP Interface Information Exercise 2.1: Control—Ordered or Not? Exercise 2.2: Label Distribution Chapter Summary and Review Going Further Chapter 3 MPLS Signaling Introduction Introduction to MPLS Signaling Traffic Control in MPLS Networks RSVP-TE CR-LDP Comparing CR-LDP to RSVP-TE Practical Applications: Signaling Different Types of RSVP-TE Paths Extending RSVP for MPLS Networks Signaling a Path Using RSVP-TE Hop by Hop RSVP Hop-by-Hop Show Commands Explicit Route Objects A Strict Routing Example Exercise 3.1: Dec


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