Ribosomes, Volume 164

1st Edition

Serial Volume Editors: Harry Noller, Jr. Kivie Moldave
Editor-in-Chiefs: John Abelson Melvin Simon
Hardcover ISBN: 9780121820657
eBook ISBN: 9780080882819
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th December 1988
Page Count: 860


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Table of Contents

Electron Microscopy:

J. Frank, M. Radermacher, T. Wagenknecht, and A. Verschoor, Studying Ribosome Structure by Electron Microscopy and Computer-Image Processing.

G. Harauz, E. Boekema, and M. van Heel, Statistical Image Analysis of Electron Micrographs of Ribosomal Subunits.

M. Boublik, G.T. Oostergetel, V. Mandiyan, J.F. Hainfeld, and J.S. Wall, Structural Analysis of Ribosomes by Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy.

G. Stvffler, B. Redl, J. Walleczek, and M. Stvffler-Meilicke, Identification of Protein-Protein Cross-Links within the Escherichia coli Ribosome by Immunoblotting Techniques.

I.N. Shatsky and V.D. Vasiliev, Electron Microscopy Studies of Ribosomal RNA.

Other Biophysical Methods:

A. Yonath and H.G. Wittmann, Crystallographic and Image Reconstruction Studies on Ribosomal Particles from Bacterial Sources.

M.S. Capel and V. Ramakrishnan, Neutron-Scattering Topography of Proteins of the Small Ribosomal Subunit.

P. Nowotny, V. Nowotny, H. Voss, and K.H. Nierhaus, Preparation and Activity Measurements of Deuterated 50S Subunits for Neutron-Scattering Analysis.

V.N. Bushuev and A.T. Gudkov, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques for Studying Structure and Function of Ribosomes.

P.B. Moore, S. Abo, B. Freeborn, D.T. Gewirth, N.B. Leontis, and G. Sun, Preparation of 5S RNA-Related Materials for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Crystallography Studies.

O.W. Odom, H.-Y. Deng, and B. Hardesty, Fluorescence Labeling and Isolation of Labeled RNA and Ribosomal Proteins.

P.H. van Knippenberg and H.A. Heus, Isolation and Characterization of Colicin Fragments of Bacterial 16S Ribosomal RNA.

Protein-RNA Interactions:



This volume includes a variety of methods involving electron microscopy and other biophysical methods, such as crystallography, neutron scattering, and NMR procedures for the analysis of protein-RNA or RNA-RNA interactions by cross-linking, the use of chemical, enzymatic, and immunological probes, as well as functional and genetic approaches for the study of this nucleoprotein. These methodologies will contribute to the progress toward the elucidation of the structure, function, and regulatory processes that affect this most important complex cellular component, the ribosome.


Biochemists, microbiologists, cell and molecular biologists, biophysicists, geneticists.


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@from:Praise for the Volume @qu:"The volume is of a high scientific and technical standard usual for this series and will certainly be of great value as a basic methodological handbook to research specialists involved in biochemical, biophysical and ultrastructural ribosome analysis and related studies." @source:--BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM @from:Praise for the Series @qu:"The Methods in Enzymology series represents the gold-standard." @source:--NEUROSCIENCE @qu:"Incomparably useful." @source:--ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY @qu:"It is a true 'methods' series, including almost every detail from basic theory to sources of equipment and reagents, with timely documentation provided on each page." @source:--BIO/TECHNOLOGY @qu:"The series has been following the growing, changing and creation of new areas of science. It should be on the shelves of all libraries in the world as a whole collection." @source:--CHEMISTRY IN INDUSTRY @qu:"The appearance of another volume in that excellent series, Methods in Enzymology, is always a cause for appreciation for those who wish to successfully carry out a particular technique or prepare an enzyme or metabolic intermediate without the tiresome prospect of searching through unfamiliar literature and perhaps selecting an unproven method which is not easily reproduced." @source:--AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MICROBIOLOGY NEWS @qu:"If we had some way to find the work most often consulted in the laboratory, it could well be the multi-volume series Methods in Enzymology...a great work." @source:--ENZYMOLOGIA @qu:"A series that has established itself as a definitive reference for biochemists." @source:--JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY

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