Renewable Energy - Technology and the Environment

Edited by

  • A.A.M. Sayigh, Department of Engineering, University of Reading, Reading, UK

Building on the success of the first Renewable Energy Conference held in Reading in 1990, Renewable Energy - Technology and the Environment delivers the proceedings of the second congress held in September 1992. The 100 invited papers and 350 selected papers cover all aspects of renewable energy including solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal and hydrogen energy, providing a detailed look at the current status of the entire renewable energy field. Following the Rio Earth Summit in June 1992, world governments have begun to take seriously the threats that present energy systems pose and are now turning to alternative energy more and more. This book is aimed not just at scientists and researchers, but at policy makers and politicians.
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For scientists, politicians, policy makers and environmentalists interested in renewable energy.


Book information

  • Published: September 1992
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: undef

Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers: Volume 1: Special Session. Climate change: the current state of scientific knowledge, Sir John Houghton. Solar hydrogen - an energy carrier for the future: renewable; inexhaustible; ecologically responsible; low risk (C.J. Winter). Photovoltaic Technology. Photovoltaic applications in the European communities (W.B. Gillett et al). Optimal sizing of stand alone photovoltaic power systems and comparison with conventional sources of energy (B. Ben Ghanem et al. A programmable controller for solar energy supply system (M.M. Elewa, A.M. Zaki). Volume 2. Solar Thermal. Solar thermal plants - LUZ Concept (Current Status of SEGS Plants) (D.W. Kearney, H.W. Price). Heat pumps and renewable energies (A.C. Gillet). Provision of drinking water in Third World villages: alternative techniques using renewable energy sources (K.S. Rabbani). A model for solar LiBr absorption cooling system (M.A. Farwati). Experimental study of temperature dependent heat transfer during melting and solidification processes (S.S. Al-Jandal). Volume 3. Biomass Technology. Anaerobic digestion of chicken dung (J.D. Sormana). Large scale power from waste: a recent case history (A. Marx). Biomass use: underdevelopment or progress? (S.M.G. Guerra, G.O. Gurgel). Offshore wind potential in the Mediterranean (G. Gaudiosi). Real time measurement of a windmill working parameters (P. Ndiaye). Volume 4. Solar and Low Energy Architecture. Thermal comfort requirements, climate and energy (M.A. Humphreys). Transparent insulation in various solar applications (E. Bollin). Solar and low energy architecture (A. Joshi, D.K. Dixit). Volume 5. Related Topics. Electricity from geothermal energy: 88 years of production (E. Barbier). Tidal energy potential along Indian coast (K.V.S.R. Prasad, V.R. Rao). Will hydrogen be a major fuel of the 21st century? (G.R. Grob). Electrical power for isolated communities (D. Dunn, S. Gomez).