Renewable Energy, Technology and the Environment

Renewable Energy, Technology and the Environment

3rd Edition - January 1, 1992

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  • Editor: A. A. M. Sayigh
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323161992

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Renewable Energy: Technology and the Environment comprises 106 chapters, with the first focusing on integrated resource planning. The following chapters delve into such topics as electricity from geothermal energy; wave energy prospects and prototypes; renewable energy policies for the nineties and beyond; and renewable energy technologies in developing countries. These topics are followed by discussions on harnessing the tax system to benefit alternative energy; energy-meteorology; development energy and environment; solar energy education; solar hydrogen; sky brightness during twilight; and solar instrumentation used in meteorology. Other chapters cover self-acting system tracking for pyrheliometers; directly coupled turbine-induction generator systems for low-cost micro-hydro power; and the utilization of genetic algorithm for the optimal design of a pneumatic hydro-power device. The remaining chapters present field experiments of a wave power converter with caisson breakwater; technical potentials of renewable energies; and air pollution modification due to energy supply diversification. This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of meteorology and environmental studies.

Table of Contents

  • Related Topics

    Integrated Resource Planning

    Electricity from Geothermal Energy: 88 Years of Production

    Wave Energy Prospects and Prototypes

    A New Power Base: Renewable Energy Policies for the Nineties and Beyond

    Renewable Energy Technologies in Developing Countries: A New Approach for Successful Diffusion

    Harnessing the Tax System to Benefit Alternative Energy

    Energy-Meteorology: A New Discipline

    Development Energy and Environment: A Long Term Prospective

    Solar Energy Education - An Important Part of Worldwide Solar Energy

    Solar Energy - Educational Pathways

    Renewable Energy Education in Developing Countries: Indian Scenario

    Solar Hydrogen - Why, Potential, When

    The Wave Energy Potential and Program of Norway

    Renewable Energy Program of the Netherlands

    Sky Brightness During Twilight. Model and Measurements

    Solar Instrumentation Used in Meteorology

    Monitoring Solar Insolation at Gaborone with a Device Which Incorporates aA High Performance Solar Cell as a Detector

    A Model to Estimate Radiation on Horizontal and Inclined Surfaces for Malaysia

    the Spectrum of the Solar Global Radiation on Horizontal Surfaces in Polluted and Pure Air Zones of Great Cairo

    Self-Acting System Tracking for Pyrheliometers

    Directly Coupled Turbine-Induction Generator Systems for Low-Cost Micro-Hydro Power

    Hydropower in China's Energy System

    The Utilization of Genetic Algorithm for the Optimal Design of a Pneumatic Hydro-Power Device

    Field Experiments of a Wave Power Converter with Caisson Breakwater

    Tidal Energy Potential along Indian Coast

    Towards a Prototype Floating Circular Clam Wave Energy Converter

    Solar Energy Applications in Botswana Gaborone

    Solar Energy in Botswana-the Importance of Correct Practices in the Adoption of New Technologies

    Technical Potentials of Renewable Energies at the Example of a Bundesland in the Federal Republic of Germany

    Solar Energy in Cyprus: Facts and Prospects

    Sustainable Development in Indonesia: A Renewable Energy Perspective

    the Renewable Energies In Tunisia

    Air Pollution Modification due to Energy Supply Diversification for Mexico in the Year 2000

    Will Hydrogen be a Major Fuel of the 21st Century

    Hydrogen Production by Steam Gasification of Coal in a Moving Bed Using Nuclear Heat

    Evolution of Hydrogen from Water Over Zeolites

    An Investigation About the KOH Concentration Effect on Hydrogen Purity

    Accumulation of Hydrogen in Metal Hydrides and Optimization of Hydrogen Storage Tanks in Respect to Pressure Drop and Mechanical Tensions within Granular Bulks

    Thermoelectric Generation, a Potential Source of Large Scale Electrical Power

    Electrolysis of Water Using Photovoltaic Systems

    Renewable Energy, Economic Development and Eco-Agriculture for a Sustainable Future for Rural Areas of the World

    A Stragegy to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Emissions in Italy

    Energy and Economic Development in Remote Regions - a Case Study

    The Challenge and Prejudice Facing Renewable Energy in UK

    The Impact of Energy Efficiency on Renewable Energy Options

    The Role of Renewable Energy Sources in the Finnish Energy Policy

    Market Potential of Solar Energy Systems in Malaysia

    Large Scale Acceptance of Renewable Energy - a Risk Perspective

    Human Energy - Too Valuable to be Used Efficiently

    A Solar Review: the Technologies at a Glance

    Climatic Variation in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula

    Consequences of Climatic Variability to Design Methods

    The Estimate of Global and Diffuse Radiation at Quetta, Pakistan

    Solar Radiation Availability in South-East of Romania

    Solar Energy Radiation Over Uyo (5°2'N, 7°50'E), Nigeria

    On the Random Measurements of Robitzsch Pyranographs

    A Meteorological Model for Solar Engineering Applications

    Matching Silicon Cells and Thermopile Pyranometers Responses

    Discretization of Solar Radiation for Solar Energy Applications

    Determination of Perez Solar Diffuse Irradiance Model Coefficients for Valencia (Spain)

    Estimation of the Monthly Mean Hourly Solar Irradiation at Valencia (Spain): the Helios Model

    Regression Analysis and Bivariate Frequency Distributions of Daily Solar Radiation Data

    A General New Simple Relationship between Solar Irradiation and Sun Height

    Dependence on Sunshine and Wavelength of the Ratio of Monthly Mean Hourly to Daily Global Radiation

    Estimation of Monthly Mean Daily Values of Diffuse Radiation for Spain

    Quadratic Variation of Global Solar Radiation with Bright Sunshine Hours

    Simulation of Daily Global Horizontal Solar Irradiation by a First Order Tow State Markovian Process

    Comparison of Correlations for Estimation of Global Solar Radiation Radiation

    Analysis and Frequency Distribution of the Hourly and Daily Beam and Global Radiation Values for the Northen Negev Region of Israel

    Seasonal Partitioning of Data for Improved Estimation of Global Radiation from Angstrom Fit

    Seasonal Partitioning of Data for Improved Estimation of Diffuse Radiation from Page's Correlation D/G=c+dG/G0

    New Correlations for Global Solar Radiation for Latitudes 40°N-40°S

    Estimation of Global Irradiation in Dry Season from Evaporation Amounts

    On the Utilization of Wave Energy for the Restoration of the Natural Coastal Environment

    Optimum Design of the Darrieus-Type Cross Flow Water Turbine for Low Head Water Power

    Application of the New Approach of Cost Analysis to Wave Power Extractor at Breakwaters

    A Study of Cross-Flow Turbine - Effects of Turbine Design Parameters on its Performance

    Running Centrifugal Pumps as Micro-Hydro Turbines: Performance Prediction Using the Area Ratio Method

    A Combined System of Renewable Energy for Grid Connected Advanced eCommunities

    Young Scientists in Renewable Energy: A Report on CHI-SEE'91 - Children's Solar Energy Exhibition

    The Dominican Republic's Renewable Energy: Current Uses and Future Development

    VICARIO Cycle for the Production of Hydrogen by the Thermolysis of H2O

    Hysteresis in the LaNi5-H2 System during Activation

    Application of Low Temperature Geothermal Energy on Hot Air Drying Agricultural Products and Choice of System Design Parameters

    Hydrogen Production and Utilization in Zambia

    "The Gravity" of the Earth is the "Clean Energy" which can't be Used Up

    New Perspectives on Integrated Rural Energy Systems - a Blueprint for Renewable Indian Society

    Environmental Impact of Geothermal Resources: Examples from New Zealand

    On the Wider Use of Renewable Energy Systems in India-Some Specific Issues

    A Hybrid Power Supply Concept of the Pendulor Device

    Current Trends in Renewable Energy Systems in India

    Rolling Element Bearings for Renewable Energy and Intermediate Technologies

    Research of Geothermal Rowing Warm Water High Density Anguilla Culturing Technology

    Oil Spill Recovery Technology

    Informatic System for Gestion of Meteorological Data

    Hierarchical Control of Multi-Area Nonlinear Stochastic System

    Energy Requirements for New Technologies Supplying Final Energy

    Clean Energy Applications in Developing Countries

    Estimation of the Solar Irradiation at the Earth's Surface from Meteosat Satellite Data

    The Role of Italian Agro-Forestry System in Controlling the Carbon Dioxide and Methane Balance in Atmosphere

    An Approximate Expression for the Utilizability Function

    Management of Renewable Energy Systems at Village Level

    Evaluating Capacity Credits for Renewable Energy Technologies in Capacity Constrained Systems

    New Outlook of the Basic Strategies for Solar Energy Use

    Self-Acting System Tracking for Pyrheliometers

    Electrical Power for Isolated Communities Load Specification and Control Strategies

    Asunchronous Machines for Use with Variable Speed Wind Turbines for Isolated Electrical Grids

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  • No. of pages: 3500
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1992
  • Published: January 1, 1992
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323161992

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