Reinventing the IT Department

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9780750648622
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 13th August 2001
Page Count: 368


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'Reinventing the Information Technology Department' is both anecdotal and informal but deals with a subject which is of vital interest to Chief Information Officers and IT Managers, addressing questions such as:

  • How does the IT department keep pace with business change?
  • How do we provide stable and responsive IT platforms?
  • How do we add recognised value to the organisation?
  • How do I reinvent my department?
  • How do I get onto the board?

It offers an alternative view of the new roles of the in-house IT function and proposes a rethink about IT services within companies, suggesting a self-help approach to redefining/reinventing in-house IT for CIOs.

The author explains that new modes of business thinking and operation are essential if a company is to succeed in the near future and in light of this covers topics such as self-organising systems, knowledge management, multi-stakeholder perspectives, and empowerment initiatives in relation to the overall business and in particular the IT function.

Each chapter contains implementation templates for the readers to take themselves through the repositioning or reengineering of the IT function and their own departments.

Key Features

Puts forward action plans explaining how to reinvent the IT Department and keep pace with business change Explains how IT managers can add recognised value to the organisation and get on the company board


Information Technology Departments and those holding positions of responsibility in those departments e.g. CIOs; CEOs; Heads of IT Departments; IT Consultants; General IT industry.

Table of Contents

Introduction: days of wine and roses; Mirror mirror: 'outside perceptions of the in-house IT function; Next stop the cliff edge: business trends in the new world; If we're so clever why can't we think? new rules for IT; Touchy/feely, the soft stuff is hard, the new business/IT relationship; What's ours alone? the new IT cornerstone: architecture; The 'Canute' effect: bringing new technologies in; Rules about rules, standards, methods, tools; Running the race: providing IT solutions; The home fires: core production; Thinking ahead: new strategy processes; Self-organising: the new IT people; All change, mind the gap, some change management principles; Last round please: final observations.


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'This book is written in an anecdotal and informal style, but with lots of academic input, including lists of references and implementation ideas for each chapter.' Carey Gray - Computer Bulletin, May 2002