Regulation of Water and Electrolytes - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780125449021, 9780323162579

Regulation of Water and Electrolytes

1st Edition

Editors: Peter K.T. Pang
eBook ISBN: 9780323162579
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 11th December 1987
Page Count: 336
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Vertebrate Endocrinology: Fundamentals and Biomedical Implications, Volume 2: Regulation of Water and Electrolytes provides information pertinent to vertebrate endocrine systems, which has significant contributions to basic biological and biomedical research. This book discusses the practical implications of the endocrinological studies. Organized into 13 chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the comprehensive aspects of endocrinology in mammalian and nonmammalian vertebrates, with emphasis on those systems that affect salt and water balance. This book then discusses the control of secretion as well as the function and biomedical implications of knowledge of secretion and function. Other chapters discuss several topics, including neurohypophysis, adrenal hormones, and pancreatic hormones. This text discusses as well the renin–angiotensin system. The final chapter deals with the changes that occur during vertebrate evolution in smaller peptide hormones, such as the neurohypophysial peptides and the angiotensins. Endocrinologists, biologists, graduate students, and researchers will find this book extremely useful.

Table of Contents


Contents of Previous Volume

1 Introduction



2 The Neurohypophysis: The Place of Comparative Studies in Biology and Medicine

I. The Historical and Morphological Background to the Neurohypophysis

II. The Evolution and Phylogeny of the Neurohypophysis

III. The Nature of the Neurohypophysial Principles

IV. Actions of Neurohypophysial Principles on Water and Electrolytes

V. Conclusions


3 Osmoregulatory Actions of Prolactin and Other Adenohypophysial Hormones

I. Introduction

II. The Unique Contribution of Comparative Studies to Prolactin Research

III. Prolactin and Osmoregulation in Amphibians

IV. Prolactin and Fluid Balance in Vertebrates: A Comparative View

V. Other Adenohypophysial Hormones

VI. Epilogue

A Chronological Guide to Reviews Covering Prolactin and Osmoregulation


4 Thyroid Hormones

I. Introduction

II. Thyroid Hormones and Hydromineral Balance in Mammals

III. The Osmoregulatory Actions of Thyroid Hormones in Birds

IV. The Osmoregulatory Actions of Thyroid Hormones in Amphibians

V. The Actions of Thyroid Hormones on Hydromineral Regulation in Teleost Fishes

VI. Concluding Remarks


5 Pancreatic Islet Hormones

I. The Analysis of Osmoregulatory Islet Functions: Problems and Pitfalls

II. Comparative Aspects

III. Conclusions


6 The Adrenal Cortical Steroids

I. Introduction 121

II. Comparative Form of the Adrenocortical Homologue

III. Structure and Nomenclature of Adrenocorticosteroids

IV. Biosynthetic Pathways of Adrenocorticosteroids

V. Biochemical Control of Biosynthesis and Secretion of Adrenocorticosteroids

VI. Catabolism of Adrenocorticosteroids

VII. Phylogenetic Variations

VIII. Conclusions


7 The Urophysis and Osmoregulation

I. Introduction

II. Chemistry of the Urotensins

III. Responses of the Caudal Neurosecretory System to Osmotic Stimuli

IV. Effects of Urophysectomy and Urotensin Injections

V. Possible Indirect Osmoregulatory Effects of the Urotensins

VI. Direct Effects of the Urotensins on Transepithelial Transport

VII. The Urophysis and Osmoregulation—An Attempt at Synthesis

VIII. Biomedical Implications of the Urotensins


8 Role of the Renin-Angiotensin System in Osmoregulation

I. Introduction

II. Stimulation of Drinking by Angiotensin

III. Stimulation of Adrenocorticoid Secretion by Angiotensin

IV. Renal Action of Angiotensin

V. Cardiovascular Action of Angiotensin

VI. Interaction between Renin-Angiotensin System and Other Vasoactive Hormones in Control of Water and Electrolytes

VII. Evolutionary Consideration on Role of the Renin-Angiotensin System in Control of Extracellular Volume and Osmoregulatory Homeostasis


9 Mechanisms of Hormone Actions on Renal Function

I. Introduction

II. Neurohypophysial Hormones

III. Renin-Angiotensin System

IV. Prolactin

V. Catecholamines

VI. Parathyroid Hormone

VII. Calcitonin

VIII. Adrenocorticosteroids

IX. Prostaglandins

X. Conclusion


10 Mechanisms of Hormone Actions on Gill Transport

I. Introduction

II. Structure and Vascularization of the Gills

III. Ion Transport across the Gills

IV. Hormonal Effects on Gills

V. Concluding Remarks and Possible Biomedical Implications


11 Mechanisms of Hormone Actions on Intestinal Transport

I. Introduction

II. Ion Transport Processes in Vertebrate Intestine

III. The Network of Intestinal Transport Regulation

IV. Endocrine Control of Intestinal Transport

V. Conclusions


12 Actions of Hormones on Salt and Water Transport across Cutaneous and Urinary Bladder Epithelia

I. Introduction

II. General Structure of Cutaneous and Urinary Bladder Epithelia

III. Nature of Epithelial Permeability and Transport

IV. Transport Properties of Cutaneous and Urinary Bladder Epithelia in Different Vertebrates

V. Mechanisms of Action of Hormones

VI. Salt Glands

VII. Summary and Conclusions


13 Endocrine Osmoregulation and Vertebrate Evolution

I. Introduction

II. Tracing the Evolution of Osmoregulatory Mechanisms

III. Osmoregulatory Adaptations to Seawater

IV. Osmoregulation by Freshwater Fishes

V. The Transition to Terrestriality

VI. Conclusions




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