Regional Geology and Tectonics

Regional Geology and Tectonics

1st Edition - May 13, 2012

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  • Editors: David G. Roberts, A.W. Bally
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444595638

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Volume 1A: Principles of Geologic AnalysisA "how-to" primer describes the basic concepts petroleum geologists and students need to understand hydrocarbon exploration in a broad range of geological settings globally. Volume 1B: Phanerozoic Rift Systems and Sedimentary BasinsIncorporates industry data to present regional seismic lines and cross sections to accurately document and analyze proven hydrocarbon systems. It also includes summaries of analogue and theoretical models as an essential backdrop to the structure and stratigraphy of a variety of geological settings. Volume 1C: Phanerozoic Passive Margins, Cratonic Basins and Global Tectonic MapsFocuses on both volcanic and non-volcanic passive margins as well as cratonic basins—critical habitats for hydrocarbons. It provides a unique basis for comparison of different passive margins and for an understanding of their structural and stratigraphic evolution, as well as their petroleum systems—especially useful to explorationists working in deep-water basins and researchers examining the tectonic evolution of the continent-ocean transition. A vast amount of data to enable hydrocarbon play assessments and analysis on passive margins is also included in this thorough yet accessible reference. Individual volumes can also be purchased:978044453042497804445635699780444563576

Key Features

  • Volume 1A discusses in detail the principles of regional geological analysis and the main geological and geophysical tools used in basin analysis
  • Volume 1B features simple documentation and analysis of major rift systems developed in contrasting geological settings as well as in-depth analyses of active rifts in various regions all over the world for immediately implementable petroleum exploration applications
  • Volume 1C features real-world case studies and analyses, useful summaries of analogue and theoretical models, thorough documentation of numerous passive margins that are the focus of deep water oil exploration, and unique tectonic maps facilitating access to exact basin locations and their tectonic settings
  • A companion website offers select downloadable images from the books:


Geologists, geophysicists, and marine geologists globally in academia and petroleum exploration with a focus on tectonics, basin analysis, sedimentary processes and petroleum systems. The secondary market includes undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as instructors in Geosciences

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Regional geology and tectonics of sedimentary basins

    Section 1 The Earth
    Chapter 2 The Earth: Core, mantle and crust
    Chapter 3 Phanerozoic volcanism

    Section 2 Geological megaprovinces
    Chapter 4 Some remarks on basins and basin classification and tectonostratigraphic megasequences
    Chapter 5 A lithospheric perspective on structure and evolution of Precambrian cratons
    Chapter 6 Convergent margins and orogenic belts
    Chapter 7 Crustal seismic reflection profiles of collisional orogens

    Section 3 Principles of Regional Geological Analysis: Geological and Geophysical Tools
    Chapter 8 Geological methods, William R. Muehlberger
    Chapter 9 Hotspots, rifts, reefs, deltas, and cratonic basins: Views from space
    Chapter 10 2D and 3D seismic data
    Chapter 11 Wide-angle refraction and reflection
    Chapter 12 Regional tectonics and basin formation: The role of potential field studies

    Section 4 Sedimentary Systems
    Chapter 13 Seismic and sequence stratigraphic analysis
    Chapter 14 A brief review of developments in stratigraphic forward modelling, 2000–2009
    Chapter 15 Lake systems
    Chapter 16 Late Ordovician glaciogenic reservoir heterogeneity: An example from the Murzuq Basin, Libya
    Chapter 17 River deltas
    Chapter 18 Architecture and growth history of a Miocene carbonate platform from 3D seismic reflection data: Luconia province, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
    Chapter 19 Pelagic realms
    Chapter 20 Controls on reservoir distribution, architecture, and stratigraphic trapping in slope settings
    Chapter 21 The Barbados ridge: A mature accretionary wedge in front of the Lesser Antilles active margin
    Chapter 22 Uplift, denudation, and their causes and constraints over geological timescales
    Chapter 23 The accumulation of organic-matter-rich rocks within an earth systems framework: The integrated roles of plate tectonics, atmosphere, ocean, and biota through the Phanerozoic
    Chapter 24 Fluid flow in sedimentary basins including petroleum systems

    Section 5 Experimental and analogue structural models
    Chapter 25 4D analogue modelling of transtensional pull-apart basins

    Section 6 Ocean Basins
    Chapter 26 Ocean floor tectonics
    Chapter 27 Ophiolites and oceanic lithosphere

    Section 1 Rift Systems
    Chapter 1 Regional geology and tectonics of sedimentary basins
    Chapter 2 From rifts to passive margins: A continuum of extension
    Chapter 3 Models for the evolution of passive margins
    Chapter 4 Rift sequence stratigraphy
    Chapter 5 Structural control on syn-rift sedimentation, northwestern Red Sea margin, Egypt
    Chapter 6 Carbonate dominated marine rifts

    Section 2 Active and Cenozoic rifts
    Chapter 7 Evolution of the Cenozoic East African rift system: cratons, plumes, and continental breakup
    Chapter 8 The Gulf of Suez rift basin
    Chapter 9 Cenozoic rifts of eastern China
    Chapter 10 Xialiao, North China Basin
    Chapter 11 Lake Baikal
    Chapter 12 Geology of the shelves surrounding the New Siberian Islands from seismic images: Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea, Russian Arctic

    Section 3 Mesozoic and older rifts
    Chapter 13 Development of the passive margin of Eastern North America: Mesozoic rifting, igneous activity, and breakup
    Chapter 14 Extensional tectonics and stratigraphy of the Mesozoic Jeanne d’Arc basin, Grand Banks of Newfoundland
    Chapter 15 The Recoˆncavo basin
    Chapter 16 The Dniepr-Donets Basin
    Chapter 17 Sedimentary basins of the late Mesozoic extensional domain of China and Mongolia
    Chapter 18 Songliao/Erlian rifts

    Section 4 Inverted rift systems
    Chapter 19 Inverted rift-basins of northern Egypt

    Section 1 Passive margins
    Chapter 1 Regional geology and tectonics of sedimentary basins
    Chapter 2 De Re Salsa: Fundamental principles of salt tectonics
    Chapter 3 Shale tectonics
    Chapter 4 The Red Sea and Gulf of Aden basins
    Chapter 5 The NE Atlantic conjugate margins
    Chapter 6 Conjugate margins of the South Atlantic: Namibia-Pelotas
    Chapter 7 Phanerozoic regional geology of the eastern Brazilian margin
    Chapter 8 The conjugate margins of Morocco and Nova Scotia
    Section 1.1 Non volcanic margins
    Chapter 9 Evolution of magma poor continental margins: from rifting to the onset of seafloor spreading
    Chapter 10 The Newfoundland–Iberia conjugate margins
    Chapter 11 Labrador Sea, Davis Strait, and Baffin Bay
    Chapter 12 Evolution of the Western Mediterranean
    Chapter 13 Tyrrhenian Sea
    Chapter 14 Deepwater frontier basins: New Zealand
    Section 1.2 Transform margins
    Chapter 15 South Africa’s Mesozoic basins
    Chapter 16 Rift-shear architecture and tectonic development of the Ghana margin
    Chapter 17 Structural styles along the Dead Sea Fault
    Chapter 18 Columbus basin, offshore Trinidad: A detached pull-apart basin inatranspressional foreland setting

    Section 2 Cratonic basins
    Section 2.1 Cratonic basins on Pre-Cambrian basement
    Chapter 19 Illizzi basin
    Chapter 20 The Moscow Basin
    Section 2.2 Cratonic /composite basins on Paleozoic basement
    Chapter 21 Evolution of the West Siberian Basin
    Chapter 22 The Aquitaine Basin and the Pyrenees: geodynamical evolution and hydrocarbons
    Chapter 23 Geodynamic interpretation of the Cape and Karoo basins, South Africa
    Chapter 24 The Parry Islands fold belt

    Section 3 Global Maps
    Chapter 25 Tectonics and basin maps of the world

Product details

  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier 2012
  • Published: May 13, 2012
  • Imprint: Elsevier
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444595638

About the Editors

David G. Roberts

Affiliations and Expertise

BP Exploration Operation Co. Ltd., Middlesex, UK

A.W. Bally

Before joining Rice, he was Chief Geologist and Exploration Advisor to Shell Us and Pecten. Dr. Bally is a past President of the Geological Society of America and is the holder of many major awards including the Sydney Powers Award of the AAPG, the Penrose medal of the Geological Society of America and the William Smith medal of the Geological Society of London to name but a few of his awards. In particular, he is internationally recognised for his early work on cross section balancing in the Canadian Rockies.

Affiliations and Expertise

Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

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