Destined to become a major reference work, this book presents a wide range of specialist papers on the exploitation of coal mining wastes (minestone). Up-to-date developments and research results are reported from all over the world, providing a wealth of information for civil and mining engineers, environmentalists, and land reclamation specialists.

Table of Contents

Keynote address: A non-governmental parliamentary view of the reclamation, treatment and utilization of coal mining wastes, set in the context of Britain's environmental renaissance (The Lord Graham of Edmonton). The economics of minestone utilization (W. Sleeman). An evaluative framework for assessment of disposal options for colliery spoil (M.F. Noyce). The development and utilization of stone coal (bituminous shale) in China (Li Yingxian). Utilization of mining operations and coal preparation processes wastes in the USSR and the principles of their classification (V.A. Ruban, M.Ya. Shpirt). Research on suitability of coal preparation refuse in civil engineering in the Fed. Rep. of Germany (D. Leininger et al.). A forecast of composition of coal wastes and of their directions of utilization during explorations in coal deposits in the USSR (V.R. Kler, M.Ya. Shpirt). Coal waste industrialization in Brazil: the state of the art (E. Da Motta Singer, A.J. Marchi). Variability of coal refuse and its significance in geotechnical engineering design (S.C. Cheng, M.A. Usmen). The characteristics and use of coal wastes (J.G. Cañibano, D. Leininger). Technical approaches and related policies for land reclamation and treatment in Chinese coal mines (Yan Zhicai). Compaction control and testing of colliery spoil for landfill sites (W.M. Kirkpatrick, I.P. Webber). House building on bog land (I.McD. Hart et al.). Colliery spoil in urban development (W. Sleeman). Laboratory and site investigations on weathering of coal mining wastes as a fill material in earth structures (K.M. Skarzynska et al.). Recovering combustible matter from coal mining waste and measures to extinguish waste pile fire (Shengchu Huang). Coal waste in civil engineering works: two case histories from South Africa (F.W. Solesbury). Minestone impoundment dams for fluid fly ash storage (A.K.M. Rainbow, K.M. Skarzynska). Fly-ash ponds and dam legislation in Finland (J. Saarela). The utilizati


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