Receptors as Supramolecular Entities

Receptors as Supramolecular Entities

Proceedings of the Biannual Capo Boi Conference, Cagliari, Italy, 7-10 June 1981

1st Edition - September 19, 1983

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  • Editors: Giovanni Biggio, Erminio Costa, P. F. Spano
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483155500

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Advances in the Biosciences, Volume 44: Receptors as Supramolecular Entities exemplifies the concept of transmitter and cotransmitter interactions using GABA receptor as a model. The book contains papers on the interaction of sulpiride and other substituted benzamides with dopamine receptors where the result of receptor stimulation is not a stimulation of cyclic AMP formation. The text also offers a panoramic view of the concepts that are being elaborated to reach a better understanding of the function of the receptors for the most important neurotransmitters operative in brain.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Dopamine Receptors

    Radioligand Binding Studies of Dopamine Receptors in the Central Nervous System

    Inhibitory Coupling of Dopamine Receptors to Adenylate Cyclase in Rat Anterior Pituitary

    Possible Functional Meaning of the Coexistence of ,Monoamines and Peptides in the Same Neurons: A Study on the Interactions Between Cholecystokinin-8 and Dopamine in the Brain

    Behavioral Effects of Prolactin: The Involvement of Brain Dopamine

    DA Autoreceptors in the Substantia Nigra: Their Involvement in the Control of Nigral DA Synthesis

    Modifications of Dopamine Receptors in Rat Striatum after Chronic Administration of L-Dopa

    D2 Receptors Modulating Dopamine Synthesis in Striatal Synaptosomes

    Evidence Against the D1 and D2 Dopamine Receptor Hypothesis: Studies with Sulpiride

    Sulpiride and Other Benzamides as Specific Antagonists at the D2 Dopamine Receptor

    Estrogen Modulation of Dopamine Autoreceptors

    Activation of Dopaminergic Neurons by Sulpiride

    Functional Similarities Between Benzamides and Other Neuroleptics

    Behavioral and Biochemical Effects in the Adult Rat After Prolonged Postnatal Administration of Cataleptogenic and Noncataleptogenic Neuroleptics

    Biochemical Pharmacology of Dopamine Neurons Innervating the Neurointermediate Lobe of Pituitary Gland

    Substituted Benzamide Drugs as Selective Agents for Distinguishing Cerebral Dopamine Receptor Subtypes

    The Supramolecular Organization of Receptors for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

    Neurochemical Indices of GABA Utilization in the Nigrostriatal System

    Role of GABAergic Mechanisms within Cerebellar Nucleus Fastigii in the Control of Posture and in the Mechanism of Action of Benzodiazepines

    Age Induced Loss of the Functional Link Between Benzodiazepine and GABA Binding Sites in the Rat Retina

    Effects of Inhibitors of GABA Metabolism and Transport on GABA Output from the Cerebral Cortex

    Distribution and Circadian Variations of GABA in Hypothalamic Areas Regulating Food Intake

    An Electroencephalographic Analysis of the Convulsant Benzodiazepine 1,3-Dihydro-5-Methyl-2H-1,4-Benzodiazepine-2-0ne (RO 5 3663)

    3H-Diazepam Binding and Interaction Between GABA and Benzodiazepine Binding Sites in Different Brain Regions of Aged Rats

    Opiate Receptors and their Ligands

    Evidence that Serotonin Modulates Opiate Neuronal Activity in Striatum

    Bestatin: A Selective and Potent Inhibitor of Enkephalin Aminopeptidase

    Effect of Two Modified Met-Enkephalins on the EEG and Behavior of Rats and Rabbits

    Acute Tolerance to and Dependence upon Opioid Peptides in Single Spinal, Striatal and Cortical Neurons of Rats

    A Potent Aphrodisiac Drug Combination; Naloxone and N-n-Propyl Norapomorphine

    Histamine Receptors and Actions in Mammalian Brain

    Effect of Adenosine and ATP on Acetylcholine Release from Brain Slices

    Noradrenaline Receptor Subtypes: Their Role in the Modulation of the Release of the Neurotransmitter

    Failure of Prolactin to Inhibit Sexual Behavior in the Male Rat

    Antidepressants: Effects on Adrenal Activity and Brain Glucocorticoid Binding

    Physiological and Pharmacological Modulation of Hypothalamic Prolactin Receptors

    Interaction Between ACTH and Beta-Endorphin at the CNS Level

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  • No. of pages: 492
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1983
  • Published: September 19, 1983
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483155500

About the Editors

Giovanni Biggio

Erminio Costa

P. F. Spano

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