Receptors and Centrally Acting Drugs Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism

Receptors and Centrally Acting Drugs Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism

Proceedings of the 4th Congress of the Hungarian Pharmacological Society, Budapest, 1985

1st Edition - January 1, 1986

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  • Editors: E. S. Vizi, S. Fürst, G. Zsilla
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483151410

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Advances in Pharmacological Research and Practice, Volume 2: Receptors and Centrally Acting Drugs presents the proceeding of the 4th Congress of the Hungarian Pharmacological Society, held in Budapest, Hungary in 1985. This book presents a comprehensive view of the developments in the fields of receptors and centrally acting drugs as well as in pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism. Organized into two sections encompassing 25 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of prejunctional regulation of neuromuscular transmission. This text then explores the whole-body autoradiography that is used extensively in toxicological research and screening. Other chapters consider the three major classes of models used in pharmacokinetics. This book discusses as well the various aspects of melanin–drug interactions. The final chapter deals with the investigation on the melanin affinity of amphetamine derivatives. This book is a valuable resource for pharmacologists, pharmacokineticists, and researchers.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    Section 3 Receptors and Centrally Acting Drugs

    Transmission and Receptors

    On the Scope and Mechanisms of Local Control of Neurotransmitter Secretion from Individual Varicosities of the Sympathetic Nerves of the Guinea-Pig and Mouse Vas Deferens

    The Topography of Cholinergic Transmission

    Subtypes of Muscarine Receptors in the Guinea-Pig Ileum

    Presynaptic Alpha-2 Adrenoceptors

    Postsynaptic Alpha-2 Adrenoceptors and Chemical Transmission

    The Effect of Nondepolarizing Muscle Relaxants on Transmitter Release at Peripheral Cholinergic Receptor Sites

    Subsensitivity of Presynaptic and Supersensitivity of Postsynaptic Dopaminergic Receptors as a Result of Repeated Administration of Antidepressant Drugs

    Modulation of Neurotransmitter Receptors and Drug Recognition Sites by Repeated Doses of (-)Deprenyl

    The Effect Of Antimuscarinic Drugs on Aggressive Behaviour and Convulsions Evoked by Carbachol: Unitary Concept or Different Sensitivities of Central Cholinoceptors

    Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Corticosteroids Interact with General Anaesthetics by Altering Central Cholinergic Mechanisms

    GABA Receptors in the Myenteric Plexus from Morphine-Tolerant Guinea-Pigs

    The Effect of L-Noradrenaline and Xylazine on the Release of Noradrenaline During K+ -Channel Inhibition is not Mediated Via α2-Adrenoceptors

    Design and Synthesis Of 5H-2,3-Benzodiazepines

    Modulation of 3H-Noradrenaline Release from Isolated Human Cystic Artery

    Neurotransmission in Larval and Parasitic Life: A Study on Schistosoma Mansoni

    GABA-Ergic Mechanisms in Anticonvulsive Activity of Hydroxylamine and Hydrazine Derivatives of Barbituric Acid

    Effect of Drugs Classified as α2-Adrenoceptor Agonists and Antagonists on the Electroshock-Induced Seizures in Mice

    GABA and Benzodiazepine Receptors

    The Theory of Multiple Chemical Signals in Synaptic Transmission as it Emerges from GABA/Benzodiazepine Interaction

    Pharmacological Characterization of GABA and Benzodiazepine Binding Sites Localized in the Non-Junctional Synaptic Region

    Interaction of Different Compounds, having Atypical Anxiolytic Properties with GABA-Benzodiazepine Receptor Complex

    GABA Contribution to the Effect of Narcotic Analgetics on the Spinal Cord and Cerebral Cortex

    Allosteric Interactions at Convulsant Sites Coupled to GABA Receptor Ionophores

    The Effect Of 2,3-Benzodiazepines on the Benzodiazepine-GABA-Picrotoxin/Barbiturate-Cl Ion Channel Complex

    ACTH and Related Peptides as Psychoactive and Neuroactive Drugs

    Pharmacological Actions of Modified Casomorphins

    Muramyl Peptides: Immunomodulators and Centrally Acting Drugs

    Spontaneous Release of Histamine from Mast Cells

    Adenyl Cyclase (AC) and Guanyl Cyclase (GC)-Coupled Histamine (HA) Receptors in hhe Brain

    Heterogeneity of Opiate Receptors

    Possible Involvement of the Spinal Dynorphinergic System in Nociceptive Mechanisms

    Affinity Labeling of Opioid Receptor Subunits by 3H-D-Ala2-Leu5-Enkephalin Chloromethyl Ketone

    Characteristics of Opiate A and B Receptors Stimulated or Inhibited by Intrathecally Administered Opiates in the Rat

    Physical Separation of K-Opioid Binding Site from Frog Brain

    Transganglionic Effect of Basic Peptides on the Primary Nociceptive Analyzer

    Opioid Effects in Human Granulocytes (PMN)

    Displacement Studies Among Different Opioid Agonists

    Relationships Between the Suggested Opioid Receptors

    Comparison of the Effect of Low Dose Morphine (M) and Fentanyl (F) on Catecholamines During Scoliosis Surgery

    Behaviorally Active Oxytocin Fragments Diminish Intravenous Self-Administration of Heroin in Heroin-Tolerant Rats

    Influence of Oxytocin and an Analog Antagonist of Oxytocin on the Development of Acute Morphine Tolerance in Mice

    Glucocorticoid-Induced Changes in Central Opiate and Adrenergic Mechanisms

    Increased Potency of Naloxone Against Morphine in Mice Pretreated with D-Met2, Pro5-Enkephalinamide (EA): A Demonstration of Acute Cross-Sensitization

    Drugs and the Central Nervous System

    Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Relationships for Multiple Receptor Interacting Drugs

    The Effect of Novel Psychotropic Drugs on Rat Brain Dopamine- and Alpha-Adrenergic Receptor Binding In Vitro

    Stress, Adrenergic Agents and Infection

    Clinical Pharmacology Of Mabuterol; A New Beta-2-Sympathomimetic Drug with Bronchodilating Effect

    Effect of Denervation on the Movement of Taurine in Skeletal Muscle

    Selective α1 Receptor Blocker Prazosin and Liver Functions

    List of Contributors

    Subject Index

    Section 4 Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism

    Autoradiographic Drug Distribution Studies

    Pharmacokinetic Aspects of the Mode of Action Of EGYT-475, a New Antidepressive Agent

    Model-Independent (Systemic) Approach in Pharmacokinetics

    Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism and Elimination and their Relation to the Effects and Toxicity of Selected Drugs and Chemicals

    Epigenetic Imprinting of Drug Metabolism

    The Role of Melanin Binding in the Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics of Drugs

    On the Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Profile of the Novel Antidepressive, Nomifensine

    The Pharmacokinetics of Vinpocetine in Patients with Impaired Liver Function

    The Absorption, Tissue Distribution and Elimination of RGH-2957 (YutacR) in Rats

    Changes in Drug Metabolism by Steroid Treatments of Female Rats

    Influence of Enzyme Induction and Paracetamol Poisoning on Aminoantipyrine Blood Levels in Mice

    Bioavailability of Various Nifedipine Dosing Forms in Beagle Dogs

    Pharmacokinetic Aspects of Interaction Between Thiopental and Antidepressant Drugs

    Xanthogenates: Some Mechanisms of Cytochrome-P-450 Inhibition

    1-(3-Trifluoromethyl-Phenyl)-1-(5,6-Dihydroxy-cyclohexa-Diene-2-Yl Propane-1-Ol, a New Metabolite of Flumecinol in Humans

    Toxins and Pharmacokinetics of Rifampicin

    Antipyrine-Clearance and Paracetamol Metabolism in Diabetics

    Drug Metabolizing Processes in Experimental Hypothyreosis and Hyperthyroxinemia in Rats

    Mecillinam - Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Study

    Pharmacokinetics of Syntropium in Man Studied by Using a Radioreceptor Assay

    Comparison of Monooxygenase Activities, Metabolite Patterns and DNA Adducts in Various Microsome-Mediated Benzo(a)pyrene Metabolizing Systems

    Disappearance of Sex Difference in Pentobarbitone Sleeping Time of Mice Housed in Cages with Wire Grid Floor

    Investigation on Time-Dependent Pharmacokinetics of Adriamycin in Patients with Differing Liver Status

    Influence of Acetylator Phenotype on Metabolism Of 5-Amino-Salicylic Acid

    Studies on the Melanin Affinity of P-Bromo-Methylamphetamine (V-111) and Other Amphetamine Derivatives

    List of Contributors

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 518
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1986
  • Published: January 1, 1986
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483151410

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