Recent Crustal Movements, 1982

1st Edition

Editors: P. Vyskocil A.M. Wassef Rylie Green
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444422439
eBook ISBN: 9780444599667
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 1st January 1983
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Table of Contents


List of Authors

1. New Results in Recent Crustal Movement Studies at Local or Regional Scale

Geodetic Control of Neotectonics in Venezuela

The Geodynamic Polygon of Santiago de Cuba: A Scientific and Socio-Economic Perspective (Abstr.)

Releveling Evidence for Crustal Deformation in the United States (Abstr.)

Recomputation of Vertical Crustal Motions Near Palmdale, California, 1959-1975

Multiwavelength EDM Measurements in Southern California (Abstr.)

Strain Accumulation Along the San Andreas Fault System East of San Francisco Bay, California

Finite Element Analysis of Strain Patterns from Geodetic Observations Across a Plate Margin

Tectonic Motions and Systematic Errors in Leveling and Trilateration Data for California

Recent Crustal Movement Determined from Repeat Surveying — Results from Southeastern and Southwestern Australia (Abstr.)

Crustal Movement from Satellite Observations in the Australian Region

Horizontal Deformations on the Border of the Bohemian Massif as Determined by Repeated EDM Measurements (Abstr.)

Land Uplift and its Implications on the Geoid in Fennoscandia

Vertical Crustal Movements in the Kuril Islands from Geologic-Geomorphological and Tidal Data

A Precise Geodetic Survey in Japan (Abstr.)

Recent and Present-Day Subduction and Collision Along the Northern Tip of the Philippine Sea Plate (Abstr.)

Horizontal Crustal Movements in the Kanto-Tokai District, Japan, as Deduced from Geodetic Data

Crustal Movement in the Tokai District, Japan

Anomalous Crustal Uplift in the Northeastern Part of the Izu Peninsula, Central Honshu, Japan

2. Crustal Deformations Associated with Volcanism

A Model for the 1975-1976 Tolbachik Eruption, Kamchatka, as Deduced fr


Developments in Geotectonics, Volume 20: Recent Crustal Movements, 1982 presents the proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements and Phenomena Associated with Earthquakes and Volcanism, held in Tokyo, Japan on May 12–13, 1982. This book presents the results in crustal movement studies at a local or regional scale.

Organized into four parts encompassing 45 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the gravimetric research carried out in various locations in Maracaibo Basin Area. This text then evaluates the reliability of the leveling measurements using modified geodetic checks as well as through comparison with independent measurements of crustal movement. Other chapters consider the basis of geodetic strain analysis. This book discusses as well the first-order geodetic measurements in seismically active areas in southern and southwestern Australia. The final chapter deals with the correlation of the data of relevelling with surface relief.

This book is a valuable resource for engineers and geologists.


© Elsevier Science 1983
Elsevier Science
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About the Editors

P. Vyskocil Editor

A.M. Wassef Editor

Rylie Green Editor

Dr Rylie Green is a Research Fellow with the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering. Dr Green’s research has been focused on developing bioactive conducting polymers for application to medical electrodes, with a specific focus on vision prostheses. More recently Dr Green has been exploring hybrids of conducting polymers and hydrogels to reduce strain mismatch with neural tissue and improve long-term cell interactions at the neural interface through drug delivery.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of New South Wales, Australia