Recent Crustal Movements, 1977

Recent Crustal Movements, 1977

1st Edition - January 1, 1979

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  • Editor: C.A. Whitten
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444601971

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Recent Crustal Movements, 1977 is a compilation of the proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Recent Crust Movements. This volume is comprised of 50 papers and 38 abstracts, in addition to a special report about the RCM Symposium and the report of the Fennoscandian Subcommission. This volume is subdivided into eight parts. The first part presents the opening remarks at the symposium and the special report of the Fennoscandian Subcommission of the Commission on Recent Crustal Movements. Locations included in this report are the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Part two is about crustal deformation using extra-terrestrial geodesy. Part three explores the measurement of strain, tilt and gravity. The observed vertical crustal deformation is the focus of the fourth part. The second half of this volume focuses on geologic studies of Holocene deformation; observed horizontal crustal deformation; seismology; and, finally, experimental and theoretical models of interferometric methods for the measurement of distance in the study of recent crustal movements.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    The 6th International Symposium on Recent Crustal Movements, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

    List of authors

    Opening Remarks and Special Reports

    Welcoming remarks

    The Symposium on the Recent Crustal Movements, Japan, 1976

    Interim report 1975—1976 of the Fennoscandian Subcommission of the Commission on Recent Crustal Movements

    Crustal Deformation Using Extra-Terrestrial Geodesy

    Geodetic reference systems for crustal motion studies

    The National Geodetic Survey project "Polaris"

    High mobility radio interferometric geodetic monitoring of crustal movements

    Comparison of a radio interferometric differential baseline measurement with conventional


    The measurement of fault motion by satellite laser ranging

    Possible high-mobility LAGEOUS ranging station

    Detection of crustal motion using spaceborne lasering system (Abstr.)

    Measurement of Strain, Tilt and Gravity

    Design of an extended-range, three-wavelength distance-measuring instrument

    Long base line tilt and strain measurement (Abstr.)

    A long base line precision tiltmeter (Abstr.)

    Preliminary results from comparisons of redundant tiltmeters at three sites in central California (Abstr.)

    Canadian precise gravity networks for crustal movement studies: an instrument evaluation

    Estimation and removal of non-tectonic effects from gravity survey data (Abstr.)

    Continuous measurements with the superconducting gravimeter

    Plans for the development of a portable absolute gravimeter with a few parts in 109 accuracy

    Monitoring of secular gravity change in southern California (Abstr.)

    In-sity strain relief measurements in Iceland (Abstr.)

    On radon emanation as a possible indicator of crustal deformation (Abstr.)

    Strains and tilts on crustal blocks

    Observed Vertical Crustal Deformation

    Solvability and multiquadric analysis as applied to investigations of vertical crustal movements

    Geodetic high-precision measurements in active tectonic areas; example: the Rhinegraben

    Recent vertical movements and their determination in the Rhenish Massif

    Archaeological evidence for tectonic activity in the region of the Haifa-Qishon graben, Israel (Abstr.)

    The use of assumed displacement fields in finite-element analysis to calculate the gravity effect of crustal deformation (Abstr.)

    Transcontinental profile of recent vertical crustal movements (Abstr.)

    Vertical crustal movements in the Charleston, South Carolina—Savannah, Georgia area

    Recent vertical crustal movements from precise leveling data in southwestern Montana, western Yellowstone National Park and the Snake River plain (Abstr.)

    New results on the properties of recent crustal movements in the Bohemian Massif and its boundary with the West Carpathians

    Surface deformation over the Garm geodynamic polygon

    Holocene deformation and crustal movements in some type areas of India

    Recent vertical crustal movements from precise leveling surveys in the Blue Ridge and Piedmont provinces, North Carolina and Georgia

    Analysis of recent crustal movement in the central and northern Sierra Nevada, California, using repeated geodetic leveling data

    Early 20th-century uplift of the northern Peninsular Ranges province of southern California

    Recent Quaternary tectonics in the Hellenic Arc: examples of geological observations on land

    Quaternary strike-slip faults in southeastern Spain

    Four-dimensional modeling of recent vertical movements in the area of the southern California uplift

    Initiation and development of the southern California uplift along its northern margin (Abstr.)

    Fault location and fault activity assessment by analysis of historic level line data, oil-well data and groundwater data, Hollywood area, California (Abstr.)

    Elastic expansion of the lithosphere caused by groundwater withdrawal in southcentral Arizona (Abstr.)

    The interpretation of vertical crustal movements in the time—space domain

    Geologic Studies of Holocene Deformation

    Postglacial displacements along the Alpine fault and its significance to the New Zealand tectonic framework (Abstr.)

    Evidence for recent coastal uplift near Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

    Migration of crustal deformation

    Young magmatism in Afghanistan as the consequence of the Neogene—Quaternary tectonic movements (Abstr.)

    The Neogene—Quaternary tectonics and regularities of the mineral-water springs arrangement in Afghanistan (Abstr.)

    The Chaman—Moqur fault (Abstr.)

    Active faulting, recent deformation and displacement of earth surface of large sedimentary basins of the earth's crust (Abstr.)

    Holocene movements and state of stress in the Rhinegraben rift system

    Evidences of dislocations on southern slope of the Nebrodi-Madonie mountains (northern Sicily, Italy), their neotectonics implications (Abstr.)

    A study of earthquake focal mechanisms in the Hollister area, southern Coast Ranges, California

    Surface faults in the Gulf coastal plain between Victoria and Beaumont, Texas (Abstr.)

    Holocene displacement along branch and secondary faults in the San Andreas fault zone, southern California (Abstr.)

    Quaternary crustal deformation along a major branch of the San Andreas fault in central California (Abstr.)

    Anomalously high uplift rates along the Ventura—Santa Barbara Coast, California — Tectonic implications (Abstr.)

    Remains of prehistoric human in strata deformed by the San Andreas fault near Stone Canyon, San Benito Country, California

    Structure and neotectonics of the western Santa Ynez fault system in southern California

    Marine terrace deformation, San Diego Country, California (Abstr.)

    Tertiary and Holocene development of the southern Sierra Nevada and Coso Range, California (Abstr.)

    Holocene offset and seismicity along the Panamint Valley fault zone, western Basinand- Range Province, California

    Two areas of probable Holocene deformation in southwestern Utah

    Quaternary faulting along the Caribbean—North American plate boundary in Central America

    El Pilar fault zone, northeastern Venezuela: brief review

    Observed Horizontal Crustal Deformation

    Statistical analysis of geodetic measurements for the investigation of crustal movements

    Horizontal deformation of the crust in western Japan revealed from first-order triangulation carried out three times

    Strain measurements and tectonics of New Zealand (Abstr.)

    A comparison of long-baseline strain data and fault creep records obtained near Hollister, California

    Mekometer measurements in the Imperial Valley, California

    Instrumentation and field monitoring of ground cracking

    Changes in rate of fault creep (Abstr.)

    Dislocation modeling of creep-related tilt changes (Abstr.)


    The May 1976 Friuli earthquake (northeastern Italy) and interpretations of past and future seismicity

    Evidence for the recurrence of large-magnitude earthquakes along the Makran coast of Iran and Pakistan

    Premonitory crustal deformations, strains and seismotectonic features (b-values) preceding Koyna earthquakes

    Recent crustal movements in the Central Sierra Nevada—Walker Lane region of California—Nevada: Part I, Rate and style of deformation

    Recent crustal movements in the Central Sierra Nevada—Walker Lane region of California—Nevada: Part II, The Pyramid Lake right-slip fault zone segment of the Walker Lane

    Recent crustal movements in the central sierra Nevada—Walker Lane region of California—Nevada: Part III, The Olinghouse fault zone

    Strain pattern represented by scarps formed during the earthquakes of October 2, 1915, Pleasant Valley, Nevada (Abstr.)

    Fault-crossing ? delays, epicentral biasing, and fault behavior in central California (Abstr.)

    A change in fault-plane orientation between foreshocks and aftershocks of the

    Galway Lake earthquake, ML = 5.2, 1975, Mojave Desert, California (Abstr.)

    Earthquake recurrence on the Calaveras fault east of San Jose, California

    Earthquake and fault creep on the northern San Andreas fault

    Experimental and Theoretical Models

    Interferometric methods for distance measuring in the study of recent crustal movements

    Aging and strain softening model for episodic faulting

    Theoretical models of anelastic crustal deformation (Abstr.)

    Rheology of the crust based on long-term creep tests of rocks

    Monitoring massive fracture growth at 2-km depths using surface tiltmeter arrays (Abstr.)

    Contribution to earthquake prediction by the data of recent crustal movement anomalies (Abstr.)

    Modeling the local stress field and kinematics of the San Andreas fault system

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  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier 1979
  • Published: January 1, 1979
  • Imprint: Elsevier
  • eBook ISBN: 9780444601971

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