Since the Catalysis Society of India was formed in 1973, it has grown into a vibrant and active professional body serving the Indian catalysis community and acts as a professional link between them and the rest of the world. The Silver Jubilee Symposium of the CSI, the thirteenth in a successful series of national symposia, brought together all those devoted to various aspects of this fascinating interdisciplinary field of catalysis. More than 400 delegates from around the country attended and there was considerable international participation.

The scientific programme of the symposium covered different aspects of catalysis, processes based on catalysis and novel catalysis materials for various applications. This volume comprises two eminent scientist award lectures, six plenary lectures, five invited papers and 111 contributed papers which were critically selected from an impressive response to the call for papers.


Researchers working on basic and applied aspects of industrial catalysis.

Table of Contents

Eminent Scientist Award Lectures. Chapter headings and selected papers: Modification of catalytic functions of ZSM-5 with special reference to aromatization and NTGG process (T.S.R. Prasada Rao). Where is the metal in metallosilicate molecular sieves? An examination of some vanadosilicates (S. Sivasanker). Plenary Lectures. Catalytic isomerization over metal, acid and hybrid sites (W.M.H. Sachtler). Design and characterization of active structures at oxide surfaces at high resolutions (Y. Iwasawa). Some problems on environmental catalysis (L. Guczi, L. Borko, Z. Schay). Steam reforming of liquid hydrocarbons (J.R. Rostrup-Nielsen, S. Christensen, I. Dybkjaer). Catalytic combustion for pollution abatement and cleaner thermal power generation (P.G. Menon, M.F.M. Zwinkels, S.J. Jaras). Kinetic study of the HDN of quinoline over NiMo(P)/Al2O3 catalysts (R. Prins, M. Jian). Invited Papers. Integrating the molecular modelling methods to conventional catalysis research (R. Vetrivel). Modifications in supported metal catalysts: Effect of promoters (K.R. Krishnamurthy). Recent trends in the applications of zeolites and molecular sieves for the synthesis of specialty and fine chemicals (S.J. Kulkarni). Recent advances in shape-selective catalysis over zeolites for synthesis of specialty chemicals (C. Song). Design of stable catalysts for methane-carbon dioxide reforming (K. Seshan, J.H. Bitter, J.A. Lercher). Contributed Papers. (111 papers). Author Index. Subject Index.


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