This volume was conceived as a handbook for the Pre-Conference Summer School on Zeolites, held in Taejon, Korea. The 11th IZC Summer School was organized to acquaint those already actively working in zeolite science and technology with the latest developments and to develop new prospects of zeolite science and technology for the 21st century.

The aim of this volume is to give an extensive review and analysis of the important new findings of the last 10 years on the synthesis, characterization and applications of zeolite materials as well as the prediction of new R&D directions for the next decade.

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Preface. 1. Periodic mesoporous materials: synthesis, characterization and potential applications (A. Sayari). 2. Synthesis, characterization and catalysis with microporous ferrierites, octahedral molecular sieves, and layered materials (S.L. Suib). 3. Organic zeolites (S. Lee, D. Venkataraman). 4. Spectroscopic characterization of zeolites (R.F. Howe). 5. Characterization of zeolitic materials by solid-state NMR - state of the art (M. Stöcker). 6. Application of surface science techniques in the field of zeolitic materials (S. Kaliaguine). 7. Computational approaches in zeolite structural chemistry (J.M. Newsam). 8. What can be in the channels and cavities of zeolites? (K. Seff). 9. Conjugated and conducting nanostructures in zeolites (T. Bein). 10. New catalytic applications of zeolites for petrochemicals (C.T. O'Connor, E. Van Steen, M.E. Dry). 11. Synthesis of intermediates and fine chemicals using molecular sieve catalysts (S. Feast, J.A. Lercher). 12. Zeolite-based membranes, preparation, performance and prospects (M.J. den Exter, J.C. Jansen, J. van de Graaf, F. Kapteijn, H. van Bekkum). Keyword index.


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