Reaction Kinetics for Chemical Engineers

Reaction Kinetics for Chemical Engineers

Butterworths Series in Chemical Engineering

1st Edition - December 4, 1989

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  • Author: Stanley M. Walas
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483141107

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Reaction Kinetics for Chemical Engineers focuses on chemical kinetics, including homogeneous reactions, nonisothermal systems, flow reactors, heterogeneous processes, granular beds, catalysis, and scale-up methods. The publication first takes a look at fundamentals and homogeneous isothermal reactions. Topics include simple reactions at constant volume or pressure, material balance in complex reactions, homogeneous catalysis, effect of temperature, energy of activation, law of mass action, and classification of reactions. The book also elaborates on adiabatic and programmed reactions, continuous stirred reactors, and homogeneous flow reactions. Topics include nonisothermal flow reactions, semiflow processes, tubular-flow reactors, material balance in flow problems, types of flow processes, rate of heat input, constant heat-transfer coefficient, and nonisothermal conditions. The text ponders on uncatalyzed heterogeneous reactions, fluid-phase reactions catalyzed by solids, and fixed and fluidized beds of particles. The transfer processes in granular masses, fluidization, heat and mass transfer, adsorption rates and equilibria, diffusion and combined mechanisms, diffusive mass transfer, and mass-transfer coefficients in chemical reactions are discussed. The publication is a dependable source of data for chemical engineers and readers wanting to explore chemical kinetics.

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    1. Fundamentals

    1. Introduction

    2. Classification of Reactions

    3. The Rate of a Chemical Reaction

    3. The Rate of a Chemical Reaction

    4. The Law of Mass Action

    5. The Rate Equation

    6. Variables Other than Mass or Concentration

    7. Effect of Temperature

    8. Energy of Activation

    9. Mechanism and Stoichiometry

    10. Theory of Reaction; Collision Theory

    11. Energy Distribution

    12. Activated Complex


    2. Homogeneous Isothermal Reactions

    13. Simple Reactions at Constant Volume or Pressure

    14. Constants of the Rate Equation

    15. Reversible Reactions

    16. Material Balance in Complex Reactions

    17. Consecutive and Simultaneous Reactions

    18. Homogeneous Catalysis


    3. Adiabatic and Programmed Reactions

    19. Nonisothermal Conditions

    20. The Adiabatic Reaction

    21. Rate of Heat Input

    22. Constant Rate of Heat Input

    23. Constant Heat-transfer Coefficient

    24. Rate of Heat Transfer to Isothermal Systems


    4. Continuous Stirred Reactors

    25. Types of Flow Processes

    26. Material Balance in Flow Problems

    27. Stirred Reactor Batteries; Graphical Method

    28. Algebraic Method

    29. Unsteady-State Conditions


    5. Homogeneous Flow Reactions

    30. Tubular-Flow Reactors

    31. Pressure Drop in Tubular Reactors

    32. Laminar Flow

    33. Nonisothermal Flow Reactions

    34. Semiflow Processes


    6. Uncatalyzed Heterogeneous Reactions

    35. Heterogeneous Reactions

    36. Examples of Heterogeneous Reactions

    37. Diffusive Mass Transfer

    38. Absorption Combined with Chemical Reaction

    39. Mass-transfer Coefficients in Chemical Reaction

    40. Empirical Approach to Absorption-Reaction

    41. Slow Reaction in the Liquid Film

    42. Second-Order Kinetics



    7. Fluid-phase Reactions Catalyzed by Solids

    43. Mechanism of Heterogeneous Catalysis

    44. Chemisorption and Physical Adsorption

    45. Adsorption Rates and Equilibria

    46. Surface-Reaction-Rate Controlling (Equilibrium Adsorption)

    47. Rapid Surface Reaction (Adsorption-Rate Controlling)

    48. Diffusion and Combined Mechanisms

    49. Simplified Equations

    50. Interpretation of Data


    8. Fixed and Fluidized Beds of Particles

    51. Transfer Processes in Granular Masses

    52. Solutions of Equations

    53. Fluidization

    54. Pressure Drop in Fixed and Moving Beds

    55. Pressure Drop in Fluidized Beds

    56. Heat Transfer

    57. Mass Transfer

    58. Fixed-Bed-Reactor Design

    59. Fluidized-Bed-Reactor Design


    9. Heterogeneous Catalysis

    60. Solid Catalysis

    61. Some Physical Properties of Solid Catalysts

    62. Principles of Selection of Catalysts

    63. Preparation of Catalysts

    64. Industrial Catalytic Processes

    10. Scaling Up Test Results

    65. Methods of Scale-Up

    66. Chemical Similitude

    67. The Reactor-Unit Concept


    11. Industrial Reactors

    68. Stirred-Tank Reactors

    69. Tubular Reactors

    70. Kilns and Hearth Furnaces

    71. Fixed-Bed Reactors

    72. Moving Beds

    73. Fluidized Beds

    74. Special Types of Reactors

    12. Mathematics for Review

    75. Introduction

    76. Ordinary Differential Equations

    77. Numerical and Graphical Calculations

    78. Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

    Appendix 1. The Literature of Reaction Kinetics

    79. Literature Cited

    80. Further Readings

    81. Books and Reviews

    82. Contents of the Series "Catalysis"

    83. Contents of the Series "Advances in Catalysis"

    Appendix 2. Constants and Conversion Factors


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  • No. of pages: 352
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1989
  • Published: December 4, 1989
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483141107

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Stanley M. Walas

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Howard Brenner

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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