Rates of Chemical Weathering of Rocks and Minerals - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780121814908, 9780080917375

Rates of Chemical Weathering of Rocks and Minerals

1st Edition

Editors: Steven Colman David Dethier
Hardcover ISBN: 9780121814908
eBook ISBN: 9780080917375
Imprint: Academic Press
Page Count: 603
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Researchers in geomorphology, geochemistry, quaternary geology, soil science, and mineralogy will welcome this volume, the first to focus exclusively on rates of silicate chemical weathering. Consisting largely of previously unpublished data from six countries, the volume examines the latest experimental, modelling, and field results.

New information is presented on topics of current research interest, including inferences about chemical mechanisms at the level of mineral surfaces, and data relating weathering rates to landscape evolution over millions of years. The volume integrates the variety of approaches used by diverse subdisciplines in the assessment of weathering rates, and provides up-to-date references.


This book is an outgrowth of our interests in rates of weathering and in the broad spectrum of research and applications related to weathering rates

Table of Contents

S.M. Colman and D.P. Dethier, An Overview of Rates of Chemical Weathering. Kinetics and Mechanisms of Weathering Reactions: R.A. Eggleton, The Relations between Crystal Structure and Silicate Weathering Rates. D.E. Grandstaff, The Dissolution Rate of Forsteritic Olivine from Hawaiian Beach Sand. G.R. Holdren, Jr., and P.M. Speyer, Stoichiometry of Alkali Feldspar Dissolution at Room Temperature and Various pH Values. J.B. Laronne, Rate Limitation and Dissolution of Highly Soluble Minerals. Rates of Mineral Alteration in Soil Environments: R.D. Hall and R.E. Martin, The Etching of Hornblende Grains in the Matrix of Alpine Tills and Periglacial Deposits. W.W. Locke, Rates of Hornblende Etching in Soils on Glacial Deposits, Baffin Island, Canada. W.C. Mahaney and D.L. Halvorson, Rates of Mineral Weathering in the Wind River Mountains, Western Wyoming. D.B. Nahon, Evolution of Iron Crusts in Tropical Landscapes. F.C. Ugolini, Processes and Rates of Weathering in Cold and Polar Desert Environments. Weathering of Volcanic Ashes and Deposits: R.H. King, Weathering of Holocene Airfall Tephras in the Southern Canadian Rockies. D.J. Lowe, Controls on the Rates of Weathering and Clay Mineral Genesis in Airfall Tephras: A Review and New Zealand Case Study. V.E. Neall and I.K. Paintin, Rates of Weathering of 14C-Dated Late Quaternary Volcaniclastic Deposits in the Western United States. A.F. White, L.V. Benson, and A. Yee, Chemical Weathering of the May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens Ash Fall and the Effect on the Iron Creek Watershed, Washington. Rates of Formation of Rock-Weathering Features: S.M. Colman, Levels of Time Information in Weathering Measurements, with Examples from Weathering Rinds on Volcanic Clasts in the Western United States. R. Crook, Jr., and A.R. Gillespie, Weathering Rates in Granitic Boulders Measured by P-Wave Speeds. I.E. Whitehouse, M.J. McSaveney, P.L.K. Knuepfer, and T.J.H. Chinn, Growth of Weathering Rinds on Torlesse Sandstone, Southern Alps, New Zeala


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"If you need an entraaee to the weathering rate literature, this book is an excellent place to start." --Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta