Key Features

  • Handy field guide complements ANY paramedic textbook, or can easily stand alone.
  • Quick-reference material includes management algorithms, emergency drug information, hazmat warning placards, a spinal injury decision tree, crime scene considerations, tools such as the Glasgow Coma Scale and Revised Trauma Score, places to record frequently used phone numbers and resources, drug dosage calculation formulas, and much more.
  • Color tabs separate and identify each section so you can quickly locate information in an emergency.
  • Convenient, pocket size and spiral binding makes it easy to lay the book flat and keeps your hands free for making calculations.
  • Emergency Drug Index table provides generic and trade names, indications, and dosages for adult and pediatric patients.
  • Common Home Medication table includes generic and trade names, classifications, and indications.
  • Herbal Supplement table includes names, uses, and important facts.

Table of Contents

1. Basics

Patient History Data




Normal Lab Values

Spanish Communication


Legal Next of Kin for Organ Donation

Culture & Development

2. Airway

Airway Control and Ventilation

Calculating Tank Life

Common Tank Sizes and Factors

Oxygen Concentrations to Liter Per Minute Flow

Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI)

Pulse Oximetry Readings

End Tidal CO2 Interpretation

Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation

Initial Adult Ventilator Settings

Ventilator Alarms

Tracheal Tube & Suction Catheter Sizes

King Airway Sizes

LMA Sizes

Replacing a Tracheostomy Tube

Emergency Airway Techniques

Translaryngeal Cannula Ventilation

Surgical Cricothyrotomy

3. Trauma

Glasgow Coma Scale

Revised Trauma Score

Trauma Center Triage

Burn Categories

Burn Center Referral Criteria

Rule of Nines

Born Fluid Calculation

Nerve Root Correlations

Dermatome Map

Indications for Spinal Immobilization

4. Cardiac

Rhythm Analysis

Pulse Arrest Guidelines

Cardiac Arrest Rhythms

Immediate Care after Return of Spontaneous Circulation                                                 

Periarrest Rhythms                              &nb


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