Radioecological Concentration Processes - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080121222, 9781483152356

Radioecological Concentration Processes

1st Edition

Proceedings of an International Symposium Held in Stockholm, 25–29 April, 1966

Editors: Bertil Åberg Frank P. Hungate
eBook ISBN: 9781483152356
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1967
Page Count: 1054
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Radioecological Concentration Processes present the overall model for problems of environmental contamination in terms of system analysis. This book discusses the major investigational approaches to study of environmental contamination with radioactivity.
Organized into 90 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the results of the experimental investigations into the distribution of strontium in soils and the uptake of this nuclide by plants. This text then presents the comparison of the distribution character in different soil types, which shows clearly that ploughed soils differ from virgin soils by a more uniform and similar character of radioisotope distribution in them. Other chapters consider the migration of 90Sr in the mostly podzolic and water-logged soils of moderately northern latitudes of Russia. The final chapter deals with the experiments with the shore crab Carcinus maenas, which shows that the crab is able to regulate the zinc content of its body against changes in the zinc content of food or of surrounding water. Biochemists will find this book useful.

Table of Contents

Session A

Introductory Paper: General Principles of the Distribution and Movement of Artificial Fallout through the Biosphere to Man

The Influence of Some Natural Factors on the Behavior of Radioactive Strontium in Soils

On the Mobility of Strontium and Some Other Components of Global Fallout in Soils and Their Accumulation in Plants

Peculiarities of Radiostrontium Distribution in Some Landscapes of the Southern Taiga

Distribution of 90Sr in the Soil Profile in the Moderately Northern Latitudes of the U.S.S.R.

Mathematical Model for Migration of Radiostontium in Soil

Measurements of Radionuclides in the Environment and in the Human Body

Deposition and Uptake of 90Sr and 137 Cs in an Established Pasture

The Influence of the Soil and the Way of Farming on the 90Sr Concentration in Milk

Field Studies of the Transfer at 137Cs from Fallout to Milk

Session B

137Cs in Some Finnish Diets in 1962

The Cause of Relatively High 137Cs Concentrations in Tampa, Florida, Milk

On the 137Cs/90Sr Ratio in Finnish Milk

Observations on the 137Cs/90Sr Ratio in Dairy Milk from Different Parts of Sweden

On the Variation of the 137Cs/90Sr Ratio in Human Diet Components

Material for Assessment of the Role Played by Food Chains in 90Sr Migration from Fresh Water Reservoirs into the Diet of Man

The Effect of Microelement Fluorine Contributed with Drinkin g Water on the Accumulation Level of Strontium in the Human Body

Radioiodine Transport through the Ecosystem, Air-Forage-Cow-Milk Using a Synthetic Dry Aerosol

Transport of Fallout 131I into Milk

The Concentration of 131I in the Thyroids of Herbivores and a Theoretical Consideration of the Expected Frequency Distribution of Thyroidal 131I in a Large Consumer Population

Session C

Introductory Paper: Radioecological Concentration Processes Characterizing Arctic Ecosystems

Relationships and Seasonal Variation of 137Cs in Lichen, Reindeer and Man in Northern Sweden 1961 to 1965

The Nature of 137Cs and 90Sr Transport over the Lichen-Reindeer-Man Food Chain

Observed Levels of 137Cs in Swedish Reindeer Meat

137Cs in Finnish Lapps and Other Finns in 1962-1965

Concentration and Retention of Fallout Radionuclides in Alaskan Arctic Ecosystems

55Fe and Stable Iron in Some Environmental Samples in Finland

55Fe from Fallout in Lichen, Reindeer and Lapps

55Fe in the Marine Environment and in People who Consume Ocean Fish

Summaries of 137Ca Data from Northern Canada

Concentration of 137Cs and 55Fe through Food Chains in Arctic and Subarctic Regions

Session D

210Po and 210Pb in Environmental Samples in Finland

Relationship between 210Po and 210Pb in Man and his Environment

Routes of Uptake of 210Po into Human Tissues

Concentrations of 210Po, 226Ra and 228Th in the Choroid of the Eye, Particularly in Cattle

The Migration of Natural Radioactive Elements under Natural Conditions and Their Distribution According to Biotic and Abiotic Environmental Components

Biogeochemical Food Chains of Uranium in Aquatic and Terraneous Organisms

The Effect of Calcium in Drinking Water on the Accumulation of 226Ra and 90Sr in the Human Body

222Rn in Milk

Microelement Levels in Environmental Samples in Finland

Data on Measurements of Microelements through Activation Analysis

Some Problems Concerning Lead in the Natural Environment

Rapporteur's Synopsis

Session E

Introductory Paper: Uptake and Accumulation of Radioactive Substances in Terrestrial Plants—the Radiobiological Aspect

Centripetal Ion Penetration in Roots as a Primary Endogenous Conditioner of Plant Top Nutrition

Concentration of Radionuclides by Plants Grown on Ejecta from the Sedan Thermonuclear Cratering Detonation

Effect of Soil Moisture on Uptake and Translocation of 137Cs, Potassium, 45Ca and 85Sr

On the Mechanism of Ca and Sr uptake (on the Example of Radiocalcium and Radiostrontium) by Potato Tubers

45Ca, 85Sr, and 134 Cs Absorption and Translocation in Isolated Root Systems of Tomato Plants

Reduction of the 90Sr Uptake by Barley through High-Temperature Treatment and Deep Placement of the Contaminated Soil Layer

Factors involved in the Accumulation of Fallout Radionuclides in Irrigated Rice and Meadow Plants

Uptake and Distribution of 144Ce in Oryza sativa

On the Behavior of Alkaline-Earth Elements — Calcium, Magnesium and Strontium — in a Forest Biogeocoenosis (Ecosystem)

The Uptake of Strontium by Rye-Grass

Data on Activity Transfer to the Forest Floor

Data on the Uptake of 90Sr from Soil

Session F

Studies on Foliar Contamination by Radiocaesium and Radiostrontium

Fixation of Radioactive Material as Influenced by the Microstructure of the Plant Surface

The Adsorption of Fallout 90Sr at the Surface of Different Grass Species

The Retention by Foliage of Silicate Particles Ejected from the Volcano Irazu in Costa Rica

Accumulation of 137Cs in Litter and Understory Plants of Forest Stands from Various Climatic Zones of Washington

The Fixation of Radionuclides from Atmospheric Fallout in Peat-bog, Sphagnum sp., Polytrichum and Myriophyllum

The Increasing 137Cs Level in Forest Moss in Relation to the Total 137Cs Fallout from 1961 through 1965

Session G

Introductory Paper: Mechanisms of Uptake and Accumulation of Radionuclides in Terrestrial Animals

Characteristics of the Radioecological Groups of Mammals and Birds of Biogeocoenoses with High Natural Radiation

Distribution of and Discrimination against Naturally Occurring 226Ra in Swine

Radiocontamination from Milk in Piglets (Swine): Influence of Sodium Alginate on the 85Sr/134Cs-Ratio of the Body-Burden and on the Comparative 85Sr/47Ca-Absorption

65Zn and 59Fe-Binding Proteins in Guinea-Pig Serum

Data on the Accumulation, Distribution and Elimination of 85Sr, 131I and 137Cs in Various Insect Species

Uptake of 131I in Bovine Thyroids

Concentration Patterns of 90Sr, 137Cs and 131I in a Wild Deer Population and Environment

Comparison of the Environmental and Biological Factors Affecting the Accumulation of 90Sr and 137Cs in Deer and Sheep

Distribution of Gamma-Radiation Tissue Doses of 137Cs Incorporated into the Body of a Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus)

Distribution of Radiocesium in Reindeer

Comment on the Metabolism of Cesium in Reindeer

Comparison of Radioisotope Assimilation by Granivorous and Herbivorous Mammals

Session H

Ecological Concentration of Nuclear Fallout in a Colorado Mountain Watershed

Trace Metals in Arctic and Sub-Arctic Lakes with Reference to the Organic Complexes of Metals

Partitioning of the Stable Elements, Fe, Zn, Sc, and Sm within a Benthic Community, Anasco Bay, Puerto Rico

The Effects of River Outflows upon the Distribution Patterns of Fallout Radioisotopes in Marine Organisms

Radionuclides in Marine Plankton and in Coastal Sediments

General Features of the Concentration Processes of Radioactive Substances b y Hydrobionts in Different Seas of the World Ocean

Accumulation of Radioactive Fallout Materials in the Biota of Doe Run, Meade County, Kentucky, 1959-1963

Session I

Introductory Paper: Regularities of Uptake and Accumulation of Radionuclides in Aquatic Organisms

On the 137Cs/90Sr ratio in Baltic Waters

The Role of Freshwater Plants in Accumulation of 90Sr and its Distribution over the Components of Reservoir

The Prediction of 90Sr Uptake in Fish Using Data on Specific Activities and Biological Half-Lives

Comments on Radionuclides in Aquatic Ecosystems

Experimental Studies of Radiostrontium Accumulation by Freshwater Fish from Food and Water

The Concentration of 90Sr and other Nuclides of Strontium in Fish

Calcium and Strontium in Swedish Waters and Fish and Accumulation of 90Sr

The Behavior of 137Cs in Freshwater Reservoirs, with Particular Reference t o the Reactions of Plant Communities t o Contamination

137CS in Fish, Plankton and Plants in Finnish Lakes during 1964-1965

Biological Half-Time of 137Cs in Three Species of Fresh-Water Fish: Perch, Roach and Rainbow Trout

Ionic Regulation and Radiocontamination: "Active Transport" of Alkaline Earth Ions in Freshwater Gastropods (Mollusca)

Session K

Some Aspects of the Accumulation of 51Cr by Marine Organisms

Chromium Absorption and Metabolism by the Crab, Podophthalmus Vigil

The Freshwater Clam as a Biological Indicator of Radiomanganese

Studies of the Accumulation of Radio-Iron by a Marine Diatom

The Influence of the Physico-Chemical Form of 106Ru on its Uptake by Mussels from Sea Water

The Concentration of 65Zn in the Flesh of Oysters Related to the Discharge of Cooling Pond Effluent from the C.E.G.B. Nuclear Power Station at Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

The Metabolism of Zn and 65Zn in Crabs, Lobsters and Fresh-Water Crayfish

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