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Radiation Research - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780125233507, 9781483270074

Radiation Research

1st Edition

Biomedical, Chemical, and Physical Perspectives

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Editors: Oddvar F. Nygaard Howard I. Adler Warren K. Sinclair
eBook ISBN: 9781483270074
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1975
Page Count: 1404
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Radiation Research: Biomedical, Chemical and Physical Perspectives documents the proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Radiation Research held in Seattle, Washington, 14-20 July 1974. While the focus of the Congress was on fundamental research, there were several well-attended sessions on the practical aspects of radiation research as it relates to radiotherapy, central station power generation by both nuclear fission and fusion, and the environment. This volume contains 126 papers organized into 31 parts. Beginning with a keynote address and a lecture on the time scale in radiobiology, the subsequent contributions cover a wide range of topics presented over several sessions. Topics discussed during these sessions include energy needs, nuclear power, and the environment; prospects for fusion power; technological applications of radiation; human radiobiology; hazards of radiation exposure relative to other environmental agents; the basic physics of the interactions of radiation with matter; particle penetration phenomena; and radiation effects in frozen media.

Table of Contents



Officers and Organizing Committee

Special Addresses

Speech at Opening Ceremonies of the Fifth International Congress of Radiation Research

The Time Scale in Radiobiology (Failla Memorial Lecture)

Plenary Sessions

Energy Needs, Nuclear Power and the Environment

Energy Needs, Nuclear Power, and the Environment

Prospects for Fusion Power

Status and Future Prospects for Fusion Power

Fusion Research in Japan

Technological Applications of Radiation

Technological Applications of Radiation—An IntroductionZ

Applied Industrial Radiation Chemistry of Monomers and Polymers

Mutations in Plant Breeding—A Glance Back and a Look Forward

The Use of Ionizing Radiation for Preservation of Food and Feed Products

Radiation Sterilization—An Industrial Process

Human Radiobiology

The Late Effects of Acute External Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in Man

The Risk of Malignancy from Internally-Deposited Radioisotopes

Reevaluation of Hazards of Radiation Exposure Relative to Other Environmental Agents

Chemical and Radiation Carcinogenesis in Man and Experimental Animals

Problems in the Reevaluation of Genetic Risks from Radiation and Other Environmental Hazards


The Basic Physics of the Interactions of Radiation with Matter

Introduction to the Symposium on the Basic Physics of the Interactions of Radiation with Matter


Electron Energy Deposition in Matter at the Molecular Level

Secondary Electron Spectra

Ionization by Energy Transfer from Excited Species

Ionization by Interpenetration of Electron Shells

Spontaneous Breakup of Gaseous Ions

Ion-Molecule Reactions

Particle Penetration Phenomena

Energy Loss and Ranges of Charged Particles in Matter

Channeling: A Tool for the Study of the Interactions of Energetic Particles Penetrating Solids

Transmission of Fast Molecules through Solids

Primary Processes and Track Effects in Irradiated

Electrons in Liquids

The Optical Absorption Spectrum of the Solvated Electron in Polar Liquids and in Binary Solutions

Theory of Optical Spectra of Solvated Electrons

Electron Yields and Reaction Kinetics in Polar Liquids

Reaction Rates of Electrons at Short Times

Measured Mobilities of Electrons

Energies of Conduction Bands in Dielectric Liquids

Excess Electrons and Energy Fluctuations in the Non-Polar Liquids

Mobilities of Slow Electrons in Low- and High-Pressure Gases and Liquids

Radiation Effects in Frozen Media

Ground State Structure of Trapped Electrons in Glassy Matrices

Some Aspects of Electron Dynamics in Solid Alkanes

Deferred Luminescence in Organic Matrices at Low and Very Low Temperatures

Trapped Electrons and Anions in Rigid Organic Glasses at 4°K

Reactions of Electrons in 3-Methylhexane Glass

Formation and Decay of Trapped Electrons in Frozen Media

Electron Tunneling in Rigid Media

Fast Response Techniques in Chemistry and Biology

Rapid-Mixing Studies on the Time-Scale of Radiation Damage in Cells

Application of Fast Polarography in Pulse Radiolysis

Catalysis of Electron and Electron Transfer Reactions in Micellar and Protein Systems

The Picosecond Reactions of Electrons with Biologically Important Molecules

Current Topics in Dosimetry

International Intercomparison of Neutron Dosimetry

Dosimetric Parameters and Terminology Relevant to Radiology

Microdosimetry of Auger Electrons

Particle Dosimetry by Track Etching with Applications to Apollo Astronauts and to Heavy Radionuclide Mapping in Biological Systems

Photodynamic Inactivation of Macromolecules and Cells

Psoralen Cross-Links in DNA: Biological Consequences and Cellular Repair

Chemical Aspects of Photodynamic Action in the Presence of Molecular Oxygen

The Effects of Photodynamic Action Involving Oxygen upon Biological Systems

The Effects of UV Light on Genetic Functions

Dissipation of UV Energy in Nucleic Acids and Nucleoproteins

Genetic Effects of UV on Escherichia coli—A Model for Prokaryotes

The Present Status of DNA Repair Mechanisms in UV Irradiated Yeast Taken as a Model Eukaryotic System

Radiology Applied: Mapping Transcriptional Organization in Pro- and Eukaryotes

The Eukaryotic Chromosome

The Replication of Drosophila DNA: The Periodic Distribution of Replication Origins

Mammalian Chromosome Structure: Ultrastructural Aspects of Specialized Regions and Chromosome Aberrations

Structure and Replication of the Yeast Chromosome

Repair Processes in Eukaryotes

Repair Studies at the Molecular, Chromosomal, and Cellular Levels: A Review of Current Work in Japan

DNA Damage and Its Repair in Hyperthermic Mammalian Cells: Relation to Enhanced Cell Killing

Use of a Purified Lesion-Recognizing Enzyme to Assay DNA Repair in Cultured Animal Cells

Carcinogens and DNA Repair

Chemical Changes Induced in DNA by Ionizing Radiation and the Relationship of their Repair to Survival of Mammalian Cells

Chemical Radiosensitization of Mammalian Cells

Mammalian Cell Sensitization, Repair and the Cell Cycle

Chemical Radiosensitization Studies with Mammalian Cells Growing In Vitro

In Vivo Testing of Hypoxic Cell Radiosensitizers

Chairman's Comments on the Discussion of Effects In Vivo

Response of Stem Cells to Single Repeated and Continuous Irradiation

Concept of Human Stem Cell Kinetics

Response of Stem Cell Systems to Whole Body and Partial Body Irradiation

Characteristics of the Stem Cell Population Surviving a Sublethal Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

Cell Proliferation Changes in Tumor and Normal Tissue as a Result of Irradiation

Changes in the Rate of Proliferation in Normal Tissue after Irradiation

Cell Proliferation Changes in Hemopoietic Tissue as a Result of Irradiation or Drug Administration: The Control of Cell Proliferation in Hemopoietic Tissue

The Importance of Proliferation Kinetics and Clonogencity of Tumor Cells for Volume Responses of Experimental Tumors after Irradiation

Cell Proliferation Kinetics and Growth Rate of the Irradiated Human Tumors

Carcinogenesis: Radiation and Other Agents

Carcinogenesis by Ionizing Radiation and Lessons for Other Pollutants

Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Direct Evidence that Damaged DNA Results in Neoplastic Transformation—A Fish Story

Immunology of Carcinogenesis and Its Relation to Radiation

Mechanisms of Radiation Carcinogenesis

The Interplay of Viruses and Radiation in Carcinogenesis

Roles of Cellular and Humoral Immunity in Malignancy

Macrophage Functions in Immune Responses to Tumors

New Ways of Estimating Genetic Risks in Man

The Use of Chromosome Aberrations for Predicting Genetic Hazards to Man

Mutation and the Amount of Human I11 Health

Use of the Mouse to Fill Gaps in Our Risk Assessments

Comparison of the Mutagenic Effects of Chemicals and Ionizing Radiation

A Comparison of the Mutagenic Effects of Chemicals and Ionizing Radiation (Chairman's Remarks)

Determinants of the Mutagenic Specificity of Chemical and Physical Agents in Microorganisms

Comparison of the Mutagenic Effects of Chemicals and Ionizing Radiation Using Drosophila Melanogaster Test Systems

Comparison of the Mutagenic Effects of Chemicals and Ionizing Radiation in the Spermatogenic Cells of the Mouse

Theoretical Approaches to Radiation Biology

Biophysical Implications of Radiation Quality

Analysis of Radiation-Induced Chromosome Aberrations

Cell Cycle Kinetics and Radiation Therapy

Theoretical Aspects and Implications of the Oxygen Effect

The Significance of LET in Radiobiology

Fundamental Aspects of LET in Radiobiology

Energy Deposition in Small Volumes in Relation to Linear Energy Transfer (LET)

The Dependence on LET of Various Types of Damage in Phage DNA in Relation to the Inactivation Efficiency

The Dependence of RBE and OER on Neutron Energy for Damage to Mammalian Cells and Plant Systems

RBE Values of Fast Neutrons for Damage to Organized Tissues in Experimental Animals

The Use of Heavy Particles in Radiotherapy

Biological Basis of Heavy Particle and Fast Neutron Radiotherapy

The Middle Atlantic Neutron Therapy Trial

A Preliminary Report of the MDAH-TAMVEC Neutron Therapy Pilot Study

Clinical Experience of Therapy with Cyclotron Neutrons at the University of Washington

The RBE for Fast Neutrons: The Link between Animal Experiments and Clinical Practice

HZE Particle Effects in Manned Spaceflight

Studies on the Effects of Cosmic HZE-Particles on Different Biological Systems in the Biostack Experiments I and II Flown on Board of Apollo 16 and 17

Effects of Cosmic Heavy Ions on Artemia Egg-Development

High-LET Particles in Manned Spaceflight—Preliminary Report

Some Studies on Visual Perception and Pathologic Effects of Accelerated Heavy Ions

Biological Effects of Accelerated Boron, Carbon and Neon Ions

Transport and Fate of Radionuclides

Radioecological Studies Applied to Electro Nuclear Siting

Effects of Limnological Variables on Bioaccumulation Factors

Effect of Some Important Physio-Ecological Factors on the Accumulation of Radionuclides by Freshwater Fish

Transuranium Element Toxicity—Dose-Response Relationships at Low Exposure Levels

Metabolism and Biological Effects in Rodents of Plutonium and Other Actinide Elements

Late Effects of Inhaled Plutonium in Dogs

Current Status of Information Obtained from Plutonium Contaminated People

Doseresponse Relationship for Beagles Injected with 239Pu(IV) or 241Am III)

Transuranium Element Toxicity—Dose-Response Relationships at Low Exposure Levels. Summary and Speculative Interpretation Relative to Exposure Limits

Radiation and Photochemical Processes in the Atmosphere and Their Ecological Effects

Some Aspects of Airborne Particles and Radiation in the Atmosphere

The Oxides of Nitrogen with Respect to Urban Smog, Supersonic Transports, and Global Methane

Gas-to-Particle Conversion in the Atmospheric Environment by Radiation-Induced and Photochemical Reactions

Effects of Air Pollution on Ecological Processes

Summary Plenary Session



Cellular and Subcellular Biology

Tissue and Animal Biology

Author Index

Subject Index


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© Academic Press 1975
1st January 1975
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