The study of quantum systems which are chaotic in the classical limit (quantum chaos or quantum chaology) is a very new field of research. Not long ago, it was still considered as an esoteric subject, however this attitude changed radically when it was realized that this subject is relevant to many of the more mature branches of physics.

This book presents the accumulated knowledge available up until now and at the same time introduces topics which are being intensively studied at present. Their relevance to other fields such as condensed matter, atomic and nuclear physics is also discussed. The lectures have been divided into two rough categories - background and advanced lectures.

Table of Contents

Preface. Hyperbolic structure in classical chaos (R.S. MacKay). A new paradigm in quantum chaos: Aubry's theory of equilibrium states for the adiabatic Holstein model (R.S. MacKay, C. Baesens). Periodic-orbit theory (B. Eckhardt). The semi-classical helium atom (D. Wintgen, K. Richter, G. Tanner). The Riemann zeta-function and quantum chaology (J. Keating). Quantum localization (S. Fishman). Dynamical localization in the hydrogen atom (D.L. Shepelyansky). Dynamical localization, dissipation and noise (R. Graham). Statistics of quasi-energy spectrum (F.M. Izrailev). Scattering and resonances: classical and quantum dynamics (P. Gaspard). Exotic fractals and atomic decay (R. Blümel). Quantum chaotic scattering and microwave experiments (E. Doron, U. Smilansky, A. Frenkel).


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