PVC Formulary - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781895198409

PVC Formulary

1st Edition

Print ISBN: 9781895198409
Imprint: ChemTec Publishing
Published Date: 10th August 2009

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The book has four chapters, each containing invaluable information for PVC manufacturers, processors, and users. In the first chapter, polymer properties determining its proper selection are discussed. All essential information required for the decision-making process is presented in a clear form in order to provide the reader with the necessary data.

The second chapter contains information aiding in the selection of any required additives. Twenty- three groups of additives are used in PVC processing to improve its properties and obtain the set of product characteristics required by the end-user. Similar to the previous chapter, the information is concise but contains much-needed data to aid the reader.

The third chapter contains 500 formulations of products belonging to 23 categories derived from characteristic methods of production. Formulations come from recent patents, publications in journals, and from suggestions of raw material suppliers. A broad selection of formulations is used in each category to determine the essential components of formulations used in a particular method of processing, the most important parameters of successful products, troubleshooting information, and suggestions of further sources of information on the method of processing. This part results from a review of thousands of patents, over two thousand of research papers, and information available from manufacturers of polymers and additives.

The final chapter contains data on PVC and its products. The data are assigned to one of the following sections: general data and nomenclature, chemical composition and properties, physical properties, mechanical properties, health and safety, environmental information, use and application information. The data are based on information contained in over 1200 research papers and present the most comprehensive set of data on PVC ever assembled.

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Table of Contents

PVC Properties; PVC Additives; The PVC Formulations; Data


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