Psychopathia Sexualis

Psychopathia Sexualis

A Medico-Forensic Study

1st Edition - January 1, 1939

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  • Author: Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483194103

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Psychopathia Sexualis: A Medico-forensic Study, Twelfth Edition deals with the psychology of deviant sexual behavior. The book discusses the psychology and the physiology of sexual life including anthropological conditions such as Gynecomasty. The author describes general pathology including anesthesia sexualis (absence of sexual feeling), hyperesthesia (abnormally increased sexual desire), paraesthesia (perversion), masochism, sadism, fetishism, and antipathic sexuality. The author also examines homosexuality (as abnormal congenital manifestation), effimination, and androgyny. Special pathology includes the manifestations of abnormal sexual life in various forms and states of mental disturbance. The author discusses dementia, epilepsy, periodic insanity, nymphomania, and satyriasis. He also addresses pathological sexuality and its legal aspects that cover acts of rape, murder with rape, sodomy, cultivated pederasty, lesbian love, incest, necrophilia, or immoral acts on persons under care. The book also contains some case histories that illustrate such deviant sexual behavior. This book can interest behavioral scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, students and professors in the sciences of human sexuality and behavior.

Table of Contents

  • I. Fragments of a System of Psychology of Sexual Life

    Force of Sexual Instinct

    Sexual Instinct the Basis of Ethical Sentiments

    Love as a Passion

    Historical Development of Sexual Life




    Position of Woman in Islam

    Sensuality and Morality

    Cultural Demoralization of Sexual Life

    Episodes of the Moral Decay of Nations

    Development of Sexual Desire; Puberty

    Sensuality and Religious Fanaticism

    Relation between Religious and Sexual Domains

    Sensuality and Art

    Idealization of First Love

    True Love


    Platonic Love

    Love and Friendship

    Difference between the Love of the Man and that of the Woman




    Fondness of Dress

    Facts of Physiological Fetichism

    Religious and Erotic Fetichism

    Hair, Hand, Foot of the Female as Fetiches

    Eye, Smell, Voice, Psychical Qualities as Fetich

    II. Physiological Facts


    Time Limit of Sexual Life

    Sexual Instinct


    Physiological Development of Sexual Life

    Erections: Center of Erection

    Sphere of Sexuality and Olfaction

    Flagellation as a Stimulant for Sexual Life

    Sect of Flagellants

    "Flagellum Salutis" of Paulini

    "Erogenous" (Hypersesthetic) Zones

    Control of Sexual Instinct



    III. Anthropological Facts

    Primary and Secondary Sexual Characteristics

    Psychical Characteristics

    Differentiation of Sexes


    Development of Sexual Type


    IV. General Pathology (Neurological and Psychological)

    Frequency and Importance of Pathological Manifestations

    Schedule of Literature

    Sexual Neuroses

    Influences Stimulating the Erectile Tissues

    Paralysis of the Erectile Tissues

    Temporary Impotence

    Neurosis of the Nerve Centers of Ejaculation

    Neuroses Produced by Cerebral Causes

    Paradoxia, I.E., Sexual Instinct Outside the Period of Anatomicalphysiological Processes

    Sexual Instinct in Early Childhood

    Sexual Instinct Reappearing in Old Age

    Sexual Perversions in Seniles Due to Impotence or Dementia

    Anoestkesia Sexualis, I.E., Absence of Sexual Instinct



    Hyperoesthesia, I.E., Pathologically Exaggerated Sexual Instinct

    Conditions and Manifestations of This Anomaly

    Paroesthesia or Perversion of the Sexual Instinct

    Perversion and Perversity

    Sadism, an Attempted Explanation of Sadism

    Sadistic Lust Murder


    Mutilation of Corpses

    Maltreatment of Women by Cutting or Flogging, Etc.

    Defilement of Female Persons

    Symbolic Sadism, I.E., Brutal Force Employed against Female Persons

    Ideal Sadism

    Sadism Practiced on Any Other Object

    Flogging of Boys

    Sadistic Acts on Animals

    Sadism in Woman

    Kleist's "Penthesilea"


    Essence and Clinical Manifestations of Masochism

    Maltreatment and Humiliation Invited for the Purpose of Sexual Gratification

    Passive Flagellation and Its Relations to Masochism

    Frequency and Practices of Masochism

    Symbolic Masochism

    Ideal Masochism

    Jean Jacques Rousseau

    Masochism in Scientific and Belletristical Literature

    Latent Masochism

    Shoe and Foot Fetichism


    Masochism in Woman

    An Attempted Explanation of Masochism

    Sexual Bondage

    Masochism and Sadism

    Fetichism, Definition of

    Cases in Which the Fetich is a Part of the Female Body

    Hand Fetichism

    Bodily Defects as Fetiches

    Hair Fetichism

    Hair Despoilers

    The Fetich is a Part of Female Attire

    Mania for (Theft of) Female Handkerchiefs

    Shoe Fetichism

    The Fetich Consists of Some Special Fabric

    Fur, Silk, Velvet, Gloves, Roses

    Beast Fetichism

    Antipathic Sexual Instinct

    Acquired Sexual Inversion in Either Sex

    Neurotic Taint a Condition of Antipathic Sexual Instinct

    Grades of Acquired Perversion

    Simple Inversion of Sexual Instinct

    Eviration and Defemination

    Insanity among the Scythians


    Transition to Metamorphosis Sexualis

    Metamorphosis Sexualis Paranoica

    Congenital Antipathic Sexuality

    Various Clinical Forms Thereof

    General Symptoms

    Attempted Explanation of This Anomaly

    Congenital Antipathic Sexuality in the Male

    Psychical Herm-Iphrorlitism





    Congenital Antipathic Sexuality in the Female

    Complications of Antipathic Sexual Instinct

    Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy of Sexual Inversion

    IV. Special Pathology

    The Manifestations of Pathological Sexual Life in the Various Forms and Conditions of Mental Disturbance

    Inhibition of Psychical Development

    Acquired Mental Debility

    Dementia following Psychosis or Apoplexy

    Or Injuries to the Head

    Or Lues Cerebrales

    Dementia Paralytica


    Periodical Dementia

    Psychopathia Sexualis Periodica


    Symptoms of Sexual Excitement in Maniacs

    Satyriasis and Nymphomania

    Chronic Satyriasis and Nymphomania




    V. Pathological Sexual Life Before the Criminal Forum

    Sexual Crimes Endanger the Common Weal

    On the Increase

    Probable Causes

    Clinical Researches

    Sexual Crimes not Properly Understood by the Law Profession

    Points for the Proper Judgment of Sexual Crimes

    Conditions for the Cessation of Responsibility

    Points for the Psychopathological Importance of Sexual Crimes

    Sexual Crimes Classified



    Defilers of Statues

    Rape and Lust-Murder

    Bodily Injury, Violation of Things, Cruelty to Animals Caused by Sadism

    Masochism and Sexual Bondage

    Bodily Injury, Robbery, Theft Emanating from Fetichism

    Notes on the Question of Responsibility in Sexual Offenses caused by Delusions

    Immorality with Persons under the Age of Fourteen

    Non-Psychopathological Cases

    Psychopathological Cases

    Unnatural Abuse

    Violation of Animals, Sodomy, Bestiality


    Unnatural Sexual Relations with Persons of the Same Sex, Pederasty

    In Relation to Sexual Inversion

    Necessity to Distinguish between Pathological and Normal Conditions of Pederasty

    Forensic Opinion on Congenital Sexual Inversion and when Pathologically Acquired

    Letter from an Urning

    Reasons why Legal Proceedings against Homosexual Acts Should be Stopped

    Cultivated Pederasty (not Pathological)

    Causes of the Vice

    Social Life of Pederasts

    A Woman-Hater's Ball in Berlin

    Various Categories of Male-Loving Men

    Poedicatio Mulierum

    Amor Lesbicus



    Violation of Wards

    VI. Supplement




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  • No. of pages: 642
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1939
  • Published: January 1, 1939
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483194103

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Richard Von Krafft-Ebing

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