Psychology for Health Professionals - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780729577977

Psychology for Health Professionals

1st Edition

eBook ISBN: 9780729577977
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone Australia

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Psychology: an introduction

Chapter 2 Lifespan: Early years—pre birth – adolescence

Chapter 3 Lifespan: Later years—adulthood & ageing

Chapter 4 Health and Health Psychology

Chapter 5 Social Context of Behaviour

Chapter 6 Research for Health Professionals

Chapter7 Understanding and Changing Health Behaviours

Chapter 8 Communication for Health CarePractitioners

Chapter 9 Partnerships in health

Chapter 10 Stress and coping

Chapter 11 Loss

Chapter 12 Pain

Chapter 13 Health promotion


Churchill Livingstone Australia
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"The material covered [in the various chapters] is undoubtedly relevant, up to date, and has some nice features; the emphasis on social inequalities and cultural factors as important considerations for those involved in the delivery of healthcare is particularly good."

Reviewed by: British Journal of Occupational Therapy    Date: Nov 2014