Protides of the Biological Fluids

1st Edition

Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Colloquium, Brugge, 1974

Editors: H. Peeters
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080182339
eBook ISBN: 9781483187433
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1975
Page Count: 772
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Proteins and Related Subjects, Volume 22: Protides of Biological Fluids covers the proteins of the intercellular matrix, along with the genetic defects and polymorphism of the human plasma proteins and isotachophoresis. The text first deals with the connective tissue proteins, along with the anabolic and catabolic enzymes of connective tissues. Next, the selection details the isolation and purification of various proteins, their metabolism, and function. The text also talks about the genetic defects and polymorphism of human plasma proteins, which includes the abnormalities of specific proteins. The last section covers the utilization of isotachophoresis as an analytical tool for the detection and characterization of amino acids, low-weight metabolites, and proteins. The book will be of great use to students, researchers, and practitioners of biological science.

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments The Third Arne Tiselius Memorial Lecture Relation between Structure and Biologic Function of the Protease Inhibitors in the Extracellular Fluids Section A. Proteins of the Intercellular Matrix A.1. Phylogenesis of the Intercellular Matrix Cellular Differentiation and the Morphogenesis of the Inter-cellular Matrix The Role of Extracellular Macromolecules upon Cell Differentiation Ultra-structural Study of the Fibroblastic Activities of Multi-potent Cells in the Mollusc: Helix aspersa M. Isolation and Culture Techniques of Fetal Calf Chondrocytes Control of Ameloblast Cytodifferentiation Periaxial Extracellular Material and Vertebral Chondrogenesis Collagen Resorption in Sponges: Involvement of Bacteria and Macrophages Calcite and Collagen in the Skeleton of the Cnidaria Veretillum cynomorium Pall A.2. Collagen A.2.1. Synthesis - Composition - Structure Influence of Some. Purified Plasma Proteins on Collagen Synthesis In Vitro A.2.2. Pathology A.3. Elastin Non-polar Peptides from Elastin The Ultrastructural Organization of Elastin Isolation of Chemically Pure Elastins in a Form Suitable for Mechanical Testing Electron Microscopical Studies on the Role of Microfibrils in Elastogenesis Organ-Culture Studies on the Biosynthesis of Inter-cellular Macromolecules of Aorta Isolation and Characterization of Highly Cross-Linked Peptide of Elastin from Porcine Aorta Characterization of Lipid Classes associated with Elastin Isolated from Normal and Pathological Human Aorta A.4. Proteoglycans A.4.1. Composition - Structure A.4.2. Biosynthesis - Metabolism A.4.3. Pathology Acid Mucopolysaccharides in Normal and Atherosclerotic Tissues: A Comparative Study Analysis of Urinary Mucopolysaccharides from Muc


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