This volume of The Enzymes features high-caliber thematic articles on the topic of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchoring of proteins.

Key Features

  • Contributions from leading authorities
  • Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field


Biochemists, cell biologists, molecular biologists, biophysicists

Table of Contents


Protein Prenylation

I. Abstract

II. Steps in the Trail of Research

Insights into the Function of Prenylation from Nuclear Lamin Farnesylation

I. Abstract

II. Introduction

III. Subcellullar Trafficking and Processing of Prelamin A

IV. Step 2 Endoprotease Activity and Zmpste24

V. Functional Aspects of Lamin Farnesylation

VI. Relationship of Lamin Prenylation to the Functional Role of Prenylation in Other Proteins

Posttranslational Processing of Nuclear Lamins

I. Abstract

II. Introduction

III. B-Type Lamins

IV. A-Type Lamins

V. Defects in Prelamin A Processing and Disease

VI. Alternate Prenylation of Prelamin A

VII. The Purpose of Prelamin A Processing

VIII. Concluding Thoughts


Prenylated Proteins in Peroxisome Biogenesis

I. Abstract

II. Peroxisomes

III. Biogenesis of Peroxisomes

Lipid Modification of Ras Superfamily GTPases

I. Abstract

II. Introduction

III. Ras Superfamily Prenyltransferases

IV. Ras Family Members

V. Rho Family Members

VI. Rab Family Members

VII. The Arf Family of Small GTPases

VIII. The Ran Small GTPase

IX. Prenyltransferases as Therapeutic Targets

X. Conclusion


Heterogeneous Prenyl Processing of the Heterotrimeric G protein Gamma Subunits

I. Abstract

II. Heterotrimeric G Proteins and Prenylation of the Gγ Subunit

III. Functional Role of G Protein γ Subunit Prenylation

IV. Variation in Prenyl Processing of Brain G Proteins

V. Conclusion

Farnesylation Versus Geranylgeranylation in G-Protein-Mediated Light Signaling

I. Abstract

II. Introduction

III. Characteristic Properties of


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