Volume 15. Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

1st Edition


  • John Studd
    • Print ISBN 9780443072222

    Key Features

    • Offers an excellent method of keeping up to date for practicing physicians.
    • Presents a good review of current issues for residents.
    • Features the work of an international team of clinicians all actively engaged in research.
    • Pinpoints areas of controversy, enabling interns and residents to answer questions on ward rounds with confidence and with facts at their fingertips.
    • Includes topical subjects for both obstetrics (thromboembolism in pregnancy · teenage sexual behavior, including pregnancy · and embryo transfer) as well as gynecology (laporoscopic myomectomy · cervical cancer · and dysfunctional uterine bleeding).

    Table of Contents

    1. Problems of Overseas Part II MRCOG Candidates
    2. The Immunology of Human Pregnancy
    3. Pre – Implantation Genetic Diagnosis
    4. International Travel and the Pregnant Woman
    5. Thromboembolism in Pregnancy: Problems, Prevention and Treatment
    6. Thyroid Hormones in Pregnancy and the Fetus
    7. Nutritional anemia during pregnancy in Non – Industrialized Countries
    8. Teenage Sexual Behavior and Pregnancy: Trends and Determinants
    9. Consequences of Childbirth on the Pelvic Floor
    10. Diagnostic Molecular Biology for The Gynecologist
    11. Premenstrual Tension
    12. Bacterial Vaginoisis
    13. Vulval Pain Syndromes
    14. The Overactive Bladder Syndrome in the Female
    15. The XY Female
    16. Current Minimal Access Techniques for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
    17. The Use of Ultrasound in the Management of Gynecological Conditions
    18. Sexuality after Hysterectomy
    19. Improving the Prognosis in Cervical Cancer
    20. Bilateral Ophorectomy and Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women with Endometriosis
    21. Surgical options in the Treatment of Male Infertility
    22. Embryo Transfer – The Elusive Step
    23. Laparoscopic Myomectomy


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