Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry (PHC) Volume 3 reports in 17 articles on new and important developments in heterocyclic chemistry abstracted from the 1990 literature. The material is arranged in a systematic way based on ring size and selected by experts in a particular field. The chapters are preceded by two articles on heterocyclic topics hitherto unreviewed and written by chemists well known for their work in the relevant field.


For organic chemists involved in academic or industrial research as well as graduate students concerned with heterocyclic chemistry.

Table of Contents

Section headings and papers. Asymmetric Synthesis of Azetidinones, J H Bateson. Annelation Effects in the Thiophene Series, S Gronowitz and A B Hornfeldt. Three-Membered Ring Systems, A Padwa & F R Kinder. Four-Membered Ring Systems, J Parrick. Five-Membered Ring Systems. Thiophenes and Se and Te analogs, J B Press & R K Russell. Pyrroles and benzo derivatives, R J Sundberg. Furans and benzo derivatives, C W Bird. With more than one N atom, S A Lang Jr & V J Lee. With N and S (Se) atoms, R Tanaka & I Shinkai. With O and S (Se, Te) atoms, R A Aitken. With O and N atoms, G V Boyd. Six-Membered Ring Systems. Pyridine and benzo derivatives, J G Keay & A R Sherman. Diazines and benzo derivatives, T J Kress & D L Varie. Triazines, tetrazines and fused ring polyaza systems, D T Hurst. With O and/or S atoms, J D Hepworth. Seven-Membered Rings, J M Kane & N P Peet. Eight-Membered and Larger Rings, G R Newkome. Subject index.


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@from:Alan Heaton @qu:...the book is overall a timely and valuable publication.... This book is a mine of information and another virtue is the speed of its publication. @source:Chemistry & Industry @from:G.J. Koomen @qu:The first chapter on "Asymmetric Synthesis of Azetidinones" is an excellent survey of enantioselective beta-lactam chemistry... Considering the wealth of information, the price of the book is low. @source:Recl. Trav. Chim.