Production of Aquatic Animals: Fishes

1st Edition

World Animal Science Series


  • C. E. Nash
  • A. J. Novotny
    • Print ISBN 9780444819505

    Table of Contents

    Introduction to the Production of Fishes (C.E. Nash).
    The global status of aquaculture. The changing purposes of aquaculture. Aquatic species under culture. Continuing advances in aquaculture technology. Growing issues between aquaculture and the environment. The decade ahead.

    The Major Carps and Other Cyprinids (R. Billard).
    Background. Production technologies and practices. Handling and post-harvest technology.

    The Indian Major Carps (M.C. Nandeesha).
    Status of Indian Carp culture in various countries. Seed production techniques. Larval rearing. Grow-out systems.

    The Catfishes (N.C. Parker, C.E. Nash).
    Ictalurids. Clarids and Chrysichthids. Pangasids. Silurids.

    The Sturgeons (A. Rónyai, L. Váradi).
    General characteristics of the Sturgeons. Breeding and production technologies. Processing and marketing.

    The River Eels (L.T.n. Heinsbroek, A. Kamstra).
    History of Eel culture. Production technology and practices. Processing, marketing and economics. Problems, research and future prospects.

    The Tilapias (D. Mires).
    The main species in culture and their genetic resources. Aquaculture world production. Environmental physiology of Tilapias. Managerial characteristics of Tilapia culture. Production standards. Production technology. Nursing. The culture of sexually mature fish. Grow-out. Marketing. Production plans.

    The Colossomids (L. Lovshin).
    Background. Culture. Processing and marketing.

    Production of Striped Bass and other North American Sports Fishes (J.H. Kerby, C.E. Nash).
    The Moronids. Production of Centrarchids. Production of Pereids. Production of Esocids. Production of Baitfish.

    Production of the Salmonoids (A.J. Novotny, C.E. Nash).
    A brief history of Salmonoid production. Artificial propagation of Salmonoids in freshwater. Grow-out practices in freshwater, and production. Grow-out in salt water, and production. Ec


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